Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden

It looks like Morgan Spurlock is looking for enemies bigger than Mc Donalds. His upcoming documentary about hunting for Bin Laden has some saucy rumors flying about. We get some of the dirt from our friends at /film:

Many people are speculating that Spurlock may have done what the U.S. government has been unable to do, and actually found Bin Laden. The film’s director of photography, Daniel Marricone added fuel to the fire, telling the press that Spurlock “definitely got the holy grail.” Not much information has leaked about the film, and even the director is keeping quiet. When asked if the rumors, Spurlock would only say “Until there’s something to see, why talk about it?”

All this buzz is sure to pour oxygen and napalm on the marketing of this film. Spurlock is a man that knows how to capture the wind of the news media behind him, and sails on to victory. /film goes on to tell us that the film was picked up by The Weinstien Company after seeing the first 15 minutes alone. With so much buzz and flash there has to be something crazy in the film right? I hope so, but we will not know until we see the film for ourselves.

If we suspend all disbelief and speculation, let us consider for a moment what would happen if Spurlock actually found Bin Laden….. Hell would break loose. Riots in the streets! Abortion would be mandatory! Dragons would return to claim their ancestral land and turn the globe to cinders! Well, maybe not, but I can assure you that CNN would be the channel to watch for quite some time to come.

I am interested and insanely curious about this project. Spurlock is a man that takes a question and wrestles it to the ground. He wants to find answers and brings us along for the ride. I was surprised how entertaining Supersize Me was, and as a fan of documentary film, I look forward to all his future projects. This one especially.

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28 thoughts on “Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden

  1. Oh Come on any person with but half a brain knows 911 was an inside Job and that Bin Laden has not been found and never will because the U.S government is hiding him and looking after him very well Its all a conspiracy sssshhhhh go back to sleep sheeples the truth is all a dream a secret dream

  2. um… ok. Firstly, he brought to most movie-goers’ attentions the true history of Iraq and what America meddled in with their crusade against communism. Just in case you haven’t seen the movie, I will reiterate here: AMERICA SCREWED WITH THE POLITICAL GAMES OF ANOTHER COUNTRY IN ORDER TO SPREAD THE ‘GOSPEL’ OF DEMOCRACY WITHOUT LOOKING AT WHERE ITS OWN PEOPLE STAND ON THAT FRONT!!! Secondly, do you really think that anyone other than Bear Grills will be able to succeed in this? It was supposed to be a documentary on the true standings of America in relation to other countries! This had nothing to do with actually finding the dam person. If there is something bad in all of this, it is that he just made us look worse.

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  4. Hey I just watched the movie, I swear to god. What do you guys want to know? I’m not going to spoil it for you unless you ask me to. I live in SLC and my roomie works for Sundance, so he got a copy of it

  5. I cannot believe that there are still Americans who believe that Osama is/was anything but a patsy. He is the “Emmanuel Goldstein” of America’s two-minute hate. Do us all a favor and Google “Emmanuel Goldstein” please. Tell me that he doesn’t parallel Osama. Remember that Osama used to be on our side, that he received training and backing from the CIA for years. Guess what? He still works for the CIA. Americans have long ago lost the ability to think for themselves. They rely totally on billion dollar media outlets. Think on that. Billion dollar (trillion dollar?) media outlets. Hmmm… billions and tillions of dollars… hmmm… you think you’re gonna get truth from that? You’ll get the “Ministry of Truth.”

  6. This should piss us all off that some jackass would think it was cool to use something this serious as a marketing ploy. Even if it is true, doesn’t he have an obligation as a human being to bring Bin Laden in to custody or to release his corpse to the authorities? Don’t be a retard and watch this in theaters (if it does come out in theaters), because then you will be giving your money to a disgusting person who used you and your strong emotions about the topic to pay his bills.

  7. And Aint-It-Cool News says that the Weinsteins paid $25 million for it. Think about that, as successful as Supersize Me was it only took in $11 at the box office, yet the Weinsteins paid more than twice that for this new film? Spurlock must have something awesome.

    Here’s a theory: Spurlock found conclusive evidence that Bin Lader is dead and has been for some time. All the recent sound recordings and videos of Bin Laden? Manufactured to keep the populace scared and supporting the “War on Terrah”. Just a theory.

  8. Blair Witch Project…. Cloverfield… now, Spurlock´s film?!?!?

    He just wants people to talk and buzz about his film. to raise the “hype”.. and place comments in movies blogs.

  9. Marketing is right. Kristina and EW have pinpointed exactly what this BS is truly about. There’s no evidence Bin Laden is alive or dead, so why speculate. If the guy was caught in any capacity, he’d have been turned in already. There wouldn’t be “waiting for the movie to come out” bullshit. The guy is the #1 wanted of all time! Are you seriously even considering the fact there’d be no leak at all that he was caught? Get out from under your rock.

    And if you think the link to Bin Laden’s layer is that sophisticated, I think you’re smoking some crack… There’s documented truth he was at the American Hospital in Dubai less than a year after the New York attacks…

  10. So, he’s doing what America’s most elite couldn’t do? This man has no military background, but can do what no one else could do? I’ll watch the movie then.

  11. Loved Super Size Me and also his show on FX. Think there is suppose to be another season of it coming on sometime. This documentary sounds a little more serious tho…dunno if I’d enjoy it as much….of course unless he actually did find Bin Laden.

  12. I think Bin Laden is dead. I need to see him in a video, holding a current newspaper. Bin Laden was a media whore, so where the hell is he?

    Spurlock is trying to regain lost ground, since the last doc he was involved in just tanked.

  13. I have to believe that if he really had found Bin Laden that he would pick up his phone before he picked up his camera. I’m very interested to see this film and hopefully, it will answer some of the questions that still frustrate me to this day (like why the western world literally forgot about him by 2003), but i hope they don’t tease us in the trailer that Spurlock actually finds the guy. It will just set us up for an anti-climax.

    And that beard is bitchin’

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