The Spoiler T-Shirt

Spoiler-T-Shirt-SmallNothing can ruin a movie like a big spoiler. No, I’m not talking about minor plot points or looks at character designs. I’m talking about HUGE reveals on which the entire axis of of movie pivots on. Things like (SPOILER) finding out that Bruce Willis is a ghost in Six Sense. Things that completely alter your perception or anticipation in a movie.

Anyway, earlier today I was reading the site of my friends over at Cinematical, and they had a quick little reference to something called “The Spoiler Shirt”… so I clicked on it and found the site of a shirt company called “Threadless“. Anyway, they made this great Spoiler T-Shirt that will make you the bane of society if you wear it around a movie theater. Check it out…. if you dare:


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