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Spoiler-T-Shirt-SmallNothing can ruin a movie like a big spoiler. No, I’m not talking about minor plot points or looks at character designs. I’m talking about HUGE reveals on which the entire axis of of movie pivots on. Things like (SPOILER) finding out that Bruce Willis is a ghost in Six Sense. Things that completely alter your perception or anticipation in a movie.

Anyway, earlier today I was reading the site of my friends over at Cinematical, and they had a quick little reference to something called “The Spoiler Shirt”… so I clicked on it and found the site of a shirt company called “Threadless“. Anyway, they made this great Spoiler T-Shirt that will make you the bane of society if you wear it around a movie theater. Check it out…. if you dare:


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17 thoughts on “The Spoiler T-Shirt

  1. Yes, this was a kinda cool t-shirt, but I’d really have appreciated it if you didn’t post the photo of it, but only a link to the photo, with a list of which movies/books it spoiled. Had I known about that Dumbledore one I would’ve never looked at the photo (since I only thought this was a movie-spoilers shirt). I’m still pissed that I looked at it and got that spoiled.

  2. I’ve actually got that t-shirt and I really love it. People always stop and have a look at it. The great thing though is that while it is a spoiler shirt, most spoilers only make sense if you know what movie it is about. But that would mean you would already know the movie! Like the “Verbal is Keyser Soze” one; anyone who’s seen that movie knows why that is a spoiler, but nobody that’s hasn’t seen that movie is going to go “oh now you spoilt it for me!”

    Ofcourse there are some big spoilers like the “Snape kills Dumbledore” or “Luke’s Father”, but if you haven’t heard that by now, you deserve to be spoilt.

  3. This was posted on here ages ago because I remember coming to the site and it ruined 300 for me. The whole time I knew one of them was going to survive.

    Damn shirt!

  4. HAHAHA, friggin’ PWNAGE!

    I watched most of these films (in your face, Usual Suspects and Fight Club!) while others I either don’t care about or knew from my time surfing the net and magazines.

    Imagine walking into a theater with that shirt…
    “Hey kids! Before you see the Harry Potter movie, read this!” Ah, good days. I’ll be off watching Heroes now.

  5. Speaking of The Wicker Man – I am in agreement with what John said a while ago – that is one ass awful movie. NOT scary in the SLIGHTEST, dry, boring, overly long (despite it’s just over 90 minute runtime) and weird as hell in the worst pssible way. One of the best British films ever made – PAH!

  6. Took me a while to figure out Kristin (shot) J.R. I was wondering who Kristin Junior was lol.

    and Jim, ‘villagers sacrifice a policeman’ was Wicker Man.

  7. The only one that was spoiled for me when reading through the t-shirt was the DUMBLEDORE one but I’m not too bothered about that. Thankfully I have seen and subsequently know the other spoilers EXCEPT can someone clarify – WHAT was earth all along?

  8. I believe it is supposed to read “shirt company.” But hey, as John has pointed out in previous posts, proofreading and spellchecking really aren’t all that important :)

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