Arnold May Make Guest Appearance in Terminator 4

GovernorYou can take the Terminator out of the governor, but you can’t take the governor out of the terminator. I have always said this. It appears Austria’s favored son may return to the terminator franchise and treat us all, with a small role. We get the scoop from our friends at cinematical:

Probably the biggest question on everyone’s mind — once and for all — is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to make a cameo? According to Kubicek: “He may make a cameo,” and according to Anderson: “It still hasn’t been determined, but if he does, it would be a very small cameo.” A bunch of rumors were also squashed during the interview; one of which alluded to the fact that John Connor wouldn’t play a pivotal role in the film. However, Anderson admits, “John Connor is an ongoing, very central character throughout the next trilogy. He’s leading the fight for salvation of humanity against the machines. So he’s very important.”

So nothing is confirmed; but I hope this happens. I miss Arnold in the picture shows. The action world is not the same without him, and it would be fantastic to start seeing him pop up in bit roles. After he ends his political career I would like nothing better than to see him play whacked out characters in movies you would not expect to see him in. I want to see Arnold in a Wes Anderson picture. I want to see him as the owner of a bait and tackle shop.

I am loving that Christian Bale is going to be John Connor, and yetI am wary about this next Terminator film, because I had a strong dislike of T:3. With a new crew on board, I am willing to give the franchise another shot..because I want it to rule again. The universe is incredible and I want to see more of the “Future Wars” against the robot hordes. Monster robots hunting for humans like rats would be as good a movie as I could imagine.

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2 thoughts on “Arnold May Make Guest Appearance in Terminator 4

  1. I struggle to picture this as a trilogy also but as long as it really if the future war i’ll give it a shot.

    As for Mr Bale signing on… I honestly don’t know what he is thinking? A tremendous actor… i honestly think this role is below him but hey even if its terrible its not gonna make me hate him so sure why not.

    I would love to see Arnies cameo as just seeing the construction of a T800 or something… or maybe witnessing the first t800 go back after Sarah in T1… no more… no less.. just to make the series come full circle.

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