Hell Ride

I heard about Hell Ride the Last Time I was in LA; it looks like it’s shaping up to be a macho adventure of legendary proportions! We get the following plot synopsis and production stills from our friends at shocktillyoudrop:

Premiering at Sundance next month, Larry Bishop’s biker cinema throwback Hell Ride is certain to be an interesting mix of high-octane action and violence – especially with a cast bringing together Bishop, Michael Madsen, Eric Balfour, Vinnie Jones and “easy rider” Dennis Hopper.

Bishop plays a biker who watches his woman die at the hands of a Satanic biker gang known as the 666ers and sets out to seek revenge. Bishop penned and directed the film with Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof) riding along as producer.

Are you kidding me, a revenge film that involves a satanic biker gang? This is the best shit ever! I hope they have an altar at the clubhouse. I want to see thousands of candles at the feet of a baphomet statue. I want pigeons to be sacrificed to the spirits of the open road and I want a ritual goblet fashioned out of a raccoon skull! This has all my hope senses tingling in anticipation!

You would be hard pressed to have a more awesome cast of actors in this motorcycle movie. I will have my ear to the ground for this one, once Sundance hits I am predicting the web to be ablaze with news of this film. Until then we have some production stills for you to enjoy!





This soundtrack needs as much Motorhead as possible.

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