Forbes Lists Richest Fictional Characters

Burns-ExcellentIn fiction it’s easy to be rich. All the writer has to do is say “that guy is huge rich” and poof… he’s rich. Rich characters in movies and TV are almost other worldly, because when you’re rich in fiction… that usually means your money is endless and you can afford to buy a small country or seasons tickets to the Toronto Maple Leafs (Trust me… they cost about the same).

So the world’s leading magazine authority on all things money (Forbes) decided to put together a list of criteria and figure out who the richest fictional characters in movies and TV are. It’s a fun little list, and kind of surprising. Check it out (Special thanks to Elizabeth for the heads up):

1) Scrooge McDuck – Worth $28.8 Billion
2) Ming the Merciless (from Flash Gordon) – Worth $20.9 Billion
3) Richie Rich – Worth $16.1 Billion
4) MOM (from Futurama) – Worth $15.7 Billion
5) Jed Clampett (The Beverly Hillbillies) – Worth $11 Billion
6) Montgomery Burns (“The Simpsons”): $8.4 billion
7) Carter Pewterschmidt (Lois Griffin’s father on “Family Guy”): $7.2 billion
8) Bruce Wayne (aka Batman): $7 billion
9) Thurston Howell III (“Gilligan’s Island”): $6.3 billion
10) Tony Stark (“Ironman”): $6 billion
11) “Fake” Steve Jobs (a fictional version of the real Apple computer mogul): $5.7 billion
12) Gomez Addams (“The Addams Family”): $2 billion
13) Willy Wonka (of the Chocolate Factory fame): $1.9 billion
14) Lucius Malfoy (“Harry Potter” movies): $1.6 billion
15) Princess Peach (“Mushroom Kingdom” heiress and Nintendo video game heroine): $1.3 billion

So who are some of the characters you would have thought would be on that list?

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20 thoughts on “Forbes Lists Richest Fictional Characters

  1. I think it’s smart to leave Lex Luthor off the list. He was always scheming to make money, not invest what he had… he might be worth a couple hundred million, but that still wouldn’t qualify him for the list.

  2. how bout Professor X? he’d be pretty well off you would think, having to finance all the Xmen stuff, like thier stealth plane and that machine in that spherical room thing???

  3. interesting…..but seems like a big waste of time and effort…..and scrooge mcduck damn well better be number 1…..he can go swimming in his vault of GOLD…..burns should be a little higher tho….

  4. I was about to question how Ming makes; he rules over an entire planet where $$ are measured in Gold. Which reminds me…who should really be no#1!

    KING MIDAS! Everything he touched turned to gold!

    As for Batman making more than Iron Man, I don’t know about that…but if The Dark Knight doesn’t earn in box office more than Iron Man, Forbes list may have to altered.

  5. Princess Peach has $1.3 billion? With that kind of money you’d think she’d hire some ninjas from Bowser. But nope, she’d rather be kidnapped and then saved by a midget plumber.

  6. Ha ha, where are they getting these estimates from? Seriously, how do they know how much Ming the merciless is worth?

    We might as well throw Emperor Palpatine into the mix as well. By ‘Return of the Jedi’ he was acting like Donald Trump, coming to inspect his Death Star construction site and wanting it finished yesterday. And those Super Star Destroyers and replacement Imperial Officers (for all the ones Vader chokes to death) aren’t cheap either so he must have been loaded;)

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