Ray Park As Snake Eyes Predicted 7 Years Ago

This was really funny. Regular Movie Blog reader “Jay” sent me this today. It’s from 7 years ago in an issue of Wizzard Magazine. In the article they did their casting call for a possible GI Joe movie. Not only did they call for Ray Park to play Snake Eyes (Which as we now know is a role he actually got), but they also made some other great casting calls for the other roles. It’s strange, but 7 years later I still think they’re right on the money.


The other bits of fantasy casting from the article include:

Duke – Howie Long
Lady Jaye – catharine Bell
Storm Shadow – Jet Li
Cobra Commander – Gary Oldman
Zaranna – Pink
The Baroness – Famke Janssen
Destro – Lawrence Fishburne
Scarlet – Laura Prepon
Flint – Kurt Russell
Road Block – Michael Clarke Duncan

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11 thoughts on “Ray Park As Snake Eyes Predicted 7 Years Ago

  1. I think I remember seeing this picture before saying they should make a G.I.Joe movie and having Ray Park as Snake Eyes. I always thought that they should make a movie of it and I’m glad they are but I’m more worred about how well it be when everyone sees it.

  2. I don’t know they did also wanted Patrick Stewart to play as Prof X if they did an XMen movie and lo and behold a year or so later he was signed on to play Baldy. I think they also had Kelsey Grammer to play as be Cast as Beast before X3 was ever even considered. I think Wizard does base some of their fan casting by looks alone. But sometimes I agree with them and what their picks are. Except Timothy Dalton to play Tony Stark/ Iron Man.

  3. It’s also possible that the producers behind the film brought the magazine in with him at a prep meeting. “Wizard is wrong 99% of the time. Where is that one time where it’s right on the money?”

    Iron Fist has been in limbo for eight years; Ray Park’s schedule is clear right now. Park mixes well with ensemble casts, he does have a fan base..and if this is a dude the fans might be interested in…the main fight is between the two ninjas”

    “DONE! Give him a phone call!”


    About the list…I don’t know if they could Jet Li, but if they can’t, Donnie Yen will do just fine.

    I don’t know about Cathy Bell in GI Joe, but I’d like to see the fmr JAG actress in future films.

    The rest of the list is pure crap-ola.

  4. Those punks at Wizard are wrong 99.9% of the time and a lot of their choices were stupid.

    On a related note does any remember lived up to its name and was actually a guide to comics and not a just Entertainment Weekly for kids?

  5. Yeah, they also cast Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler a few years before that happened. They have very good instincts. I’m not sure about the rest of the list but I think Fishburne would jump at the chance to play Destro if it’s a good part.

  6. Wizard’s casting calls were always really unimaginative. Laura Prepon as Scarlet because she has red hair, awesome. Except anyone can die their hair red, it doesn’t qualify you to play a role. It always amuses me how fan boys get fixated on hair when casting roles. David Caruso as Rorschach or Danny Boneduce if he’s not available.
    I remember Wizard cast Robin Williams as Flaming Carrot.

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