Spiderman Pwns Asia

Spiderman 3 is spitting in the face of lackluster reviews and plundering cinemas in Asia like never before. We get the news of box office conquest from the caves of Yahoo:

“It was bigger than ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Spider-Man 2’ everywhere,” said Sony Pictures vice chairman Jeff Blake.Leading the way was Japan, where its opening-day sales of 415 million yen ($3.5 million) ranked as the biggest for a Tuesday. Films in Japan normally open on a Saturday, which is a bigger moviegoing day.

In South Korea and Hong Kong, the picture set new marks for the biggest opening day, taking in 3.2 billion won ($3.4 million) and $HK7.5 million ($960,000), respectively. Sales in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand were the highest for any single day, opening or otherwise. Taiwan sales were the biggest for any weekday.

This is bananas. I guessed that Spider-man may be the biggest blockbuster of the summer, but after hearing some of the early reviews I have been skeptical. If the conquest of Asia is any indication of what is to follow – It may still be in the running.

Spider – Man is a beloved hero. People love his witty banter as he fights crime, and they love the way he shoots web in peoples’ faces. He is my brother’s favorite super hero and is probably in my top 5 for certain. I am still having reservations about the movie, but am glad it is doing well.

I enjoy comic book films and want to see more of them; so when they make money I am happy. But this is a double edged sword, because if shit comic book movies make money – they will keep piling up the garbage for us to sift through like junk yard dogs.

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9 thoughts on “Spiderman Pwns Asia

  1. I’ve watched it last night from one of the biggest mall in the Philippines. It was an overkill, 9 cinemas out of 12 cinemas inside the mall is showing Spider-man 3. Not to mention there is still about 3 malls that has a radius of a hundred meters away that shows Spider-man 3 an average of 3-4 cinemas per mall.

    I don’t want to decimate any hope from people who still hasn’t seen it, but the story felt forced for me. And to compare the reaction of people when I watched Spider-man 1-2 in theaters is so different. People walked out of the theater quietly.

    It is still worth watching if you’re going to ask me.

  2. Yeah but all the cinemas in the malls here in the Philippines are showing Spiderman. If a mall has 6 movie theaters inside it, you can bet that all 6 are showing Spiderman 3. How can you not make a killing with that?

  3. A movie like this is pretty much critic-proof. Word of mouth is gonna tell the tale. Word of mouth DECIMATED Hulk, and if this movie is bad enough, word of mouth will decimate it, too.

  4. I know alot of people who are going to the midnight showing…and a pretty much everyone that i have talked to, is going to go see it….i cant wait, i thikn that it will be awesome…..

    off topic..just wondering Doug

    What is you top 5 super hero’s.

  5. It helps that today and yesterday is public holiday in the South East Asia region. Which is why I’m going at least tomorrow so the lines won’t drive me nuts!

    And Doug, I think this one is not gonna be a spectacular movie. Just a hunch.

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