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erjail.jpgWe learned recently that Eric Roberts will be joining the cast of The Dark Knight. His role will be that of a mafia man. Eric recently was at a conference and talked briefly about the upcoming project. We get the following interview except from movieweb:

Eric, you were recently cast in The Dark Knight can you talk about your character and what role he has in the story?

Eric Roberts: All I can tell you is that I’m a mafioso in The Dark Knight, and I have not even seen the script. I’ve only seen the pages they gave me to audition. It’s all very hush-hush.

Hayden Panettiere: Dude, you’re doing The Dark Knight!

Eric Roberts: Yeah.

Hayden Panettiere: Oh, my God!

Eric Roberts: It’s gonna be so much fun, we’re gonna shoot in Chicago in a month. I’m so excited, Hayden. I love Christian Bale. Oh my God, what an actor.

So there you go folks, not a lot of new information – but he said he was excited. When people are saddened about a project; it is never good news. I am interested to see him as a mobster – I have a hard time seeing him as a gangster. However with supreme acting chops perhaps The Coca Cola Kid will convince me. That is what actors do after all.

Roberts has done a mish-mash of eclectic roles. From The King Of Queens to Fast Sofa, from Heroes to Stiletto Dance – this guy has been in anything and everything. The other day I saw him on TV for a celebrity poker tournament. This is a guy that doesn’t wait for quality roles – he slugs through shit till he gets some gold. I respect that, you will create some surprise gems along the way and practice is practice.

If I had a daughter there is a good chance she would live in a cage until she was impregnated by Eric Roberts. Then we would let her loose in the woods until the ghost of Princess Diana possessed the baby. Eric Roberts would then throw a bitchin’ party and I am totally invited because I am now his father in law. My daughter would then give birth 12 days after being impregnated, on a picnic table covered in hamster chips. The tiny baby would then crawl into the pouch of EL-Allanah the kangaroo, where it will grow until it is 10 years old. That baby will be named Kang regardless of gender, and will eat only the meat of elder goats.

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10 thoughts on “Eric Roberts Dark Knight Interview

  1. I dig the direction this whole Eric Roberts thing is going. Man, The Pope Of Greenwich Village was very cool back in the day, Star ’80 was on the other day which was pretty intense to watch again. But this dude has gone a strange way from “semi-superstar” to “DTV Icon” and now, it seems he is on the rise back to “semi-superstar” again with his cameo on CSI Miami, then his role on Heroes, and now this.

    Doug, you are mad. The tits of your brain leak golden nectar.

  2. nagey……that last paragraph……blew my MIND!!!! wtf, im never going to the movie blog ever again (when im high) lol

    i too shall dine on the hide of elder goats!!!!!

  3. My jaw is really hanging off after that last paragraph. Dear Lord, Nagy……I don’t know what’s worse, you being crazy or me loving it so much:)

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