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I have said it before, I love lists. And I agree with Doug that unnecessary love interests can ruin a movie, and unnecessary gratuitous nudity/sex scenes can too (300? Matrix Reloaded? What the hell?).

But Glamour Magazine offers up their top list of steamy sex scenes in movies – 16 apparently. Let’s take a look.

The Way We Were (1973) Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford play a couple who fall for each other because of their differences

The Blue Lagoon (1980) Ever tell a guy, “I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last man on earth?” Luckily for Emmeline (Brooke Shields)—stranded on a deserted island with Richard (Christopher Atkins)—the last man around was hot.

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) A handsome young Navy pilot-in-training (Richard Gere) picks up a local girl (Debra Winger) in a bar. Takes her to a motel. Rips off her clothes. Devours her. Rewind!

Risky Business (1983) Tom Cruise plays a college-bound teen seduced by a call girl (Rebecca De Mornay). Their steamiest liaison: on a train. And, no, he didn’t jump up and down on the seat afterward to proclaim his love for her.

Dirty Dancing (1987) After a summer of flirtation, the oh-so-innocent Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) finally gets up the nerve to say “Dance with me” to beefy Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). Dancing, et cetera ensues—emphasis on the et cetera.

Say Anything… (1989) After John Cusack pulls out all the stops to woo the object of his obsession (who could forget the scene in which he held a boom box over his head and serenaded her with In Your Eyes?), he finally gets to kiss the girl. It’s enough to make anyone want to go find her own devoted nerd.

Ghost (1990) Shortly before he’s killed in a tragic mugging, a man (Patrick Swayze) seduces his wife (Demi Moore) while she’s sculpting pottery and shows just how skilled his hands are.

Love Jones (1997) When a photographer (Nia Long) gets turned on by shooting a couple making out on a bridge, she heads home and ambushes her boyfriend (Larenz Tate) while he’s on the phone.

Titanic (1997) As star-crossed lovers on the ill-fated ship, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio fall for each other on an epic scale.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) On vacation in Jamaica, a Type-A stockbroker (Angela Bassett) has a torrid affair with an islander (Taye Diggs). When they get into a fight, she follows him into the bathroom to apologize and steps into the shower with him, fully clothed.

Shakespeare in Love (1998) In order to act in a play during an era in which women weren’t allowed on stage, an enterprising young woman (Gwyneth Paltrow) poses as a man. When the writer (Joseph Fiennes) discovers her true identity, he seduces her,

A Walk on the Moon (1999) Summering in the mountains without her husband, a sixties-era housewife (Diane Lane) explores free love with a traveling blouse salesman (Viggo Mortensen). This great-outdoors scene was especially tender-hot.

Cruel Intentions (1999) Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon prove what you can’t have, you can’t resist. All the endless desperate-for-you gazes back and forth between the two (who were dating when this was filmed) give way to one heated love scene that makes you wonder why the real-life Ryan and Reese didn’t work out.

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) When Andy Stitzer (Steve Carrell) finally gets to have sex with the love of his life (Catherine Keener), it’s without any tooth-knocks, fumbling hands or awkward facial expressions. Just a sweet, happy moment of shared intimacy

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) By the time this movie premiered, the world knew Brad had fallen in love with Angelina for real. So how could you not watch this scene and feel like you’d just been given front-row-seats to a very private moment?

The Departed (2006) This Best Picture Oscar winner also had the year’s hottest love scene, in which an undercover cop (Leonardo DiCaprio, looking H-O-T again) hooks up with his shrink (Vera Farmiga)—who’s moving in with her boyfriend (Matt Damon). Yes, complicated.

Ok, now I need a cold shower.

Any you would include?

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