Spiderman 3 Reviews Continue To Be Concerning

We learn sombre news from the beloved movie enthusiasts at cinematical. Scott Weinberg has a good story about his impressions of an early review given by Variety. We get the following excerpt from cimematical:

I generally try to avoid reading reviews before I see a film, but since I won’t be reviewing Spider-Man 3 and I know Todd McCarthy doesn’t deal in spoilers, I clicked in to see what the Variety film critic had to say about the most recent chapter in Sam Raimi’s arachno-tastic action series — and the guy had some pretty rough things to say about the movie. His main complaint seems to be that the flick is too broad, too comic-booky, and perhaps beholden to a rather underwhelming screenplay. Praise for Topher Grace and Thomas Haden Church, but an unsatisfactory grade for screenwriter Alvin Sargent — and when discussing the scenes between Peter Parker and the female leads, the critic uses the words “dull” and “unimaginative.” Yikes.

Word coming back from Spiderman 3 screenings have been mixed. One common thread through all of them seems to be the horrible chemistry between Dunst and Toby. The parts of the movie where it will drag is the romantic sections, and if the romance is dull it will be like nails on a chalkboard.

I am still excited to see the third instalment of the Spider-Man franchise, but the things I have feared about the movie are starting to show themselves in early reviews and that concerns me. The multiple villain curse is one that I hoped would pass by the door of this franchise; It appears it may strike again.

The good news however is that Sandman and Venom are getting positive reviews. Sandman is the main pull for me to see this movie, and from what I have seen – It looks like he is being done to perfection. That is enough to keep my hopes up. International friends, have any of you seen the film so far and If so – what are your thoughts?

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34 thoughts on “Spiderman 3 Reviews Continue To Be Concerning

  1. spiderman 3 ruined all of the other spidermans before it, plus the spiderman comics, plus all the spiderman merchandise, plus anything having to do with spiderman is really horrible. man i hate you all.

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    I thought the movie was great!.. I loved the special effects and the sandman was cool.. venom in my opinion was not given enough screen time…enough story for those of us who don’t read comics too often .. I remember seeing the occasional comic cover with venom on it and at the time didn’t even know who it was… then to see it in the movie.. I thought “wow” I’ll finally get to see what this thing is all about.. but I was left lost.. I guess I’ll have to get some comic books and read up .. which is a shame because, why spend so much money on a film and still not get your point across?.. too much drama with Peter Parker and MJ… but one thing I can say is that when the action began… it was AWESOME.. the fighting scenes made you think you were involved…
    I had a great time in the theatre
    Can’t wait to see the next one..
    Good Job Sam!
    or should I say Joxer lol

  3. I thought the movie was ok, being a huge Venom fan; especially since the beginning. I felt Venom had a small role; his appearance came in the last 25 minutes of the movie. There should have been more development on the character once Eddie and the alien became venom. The movie either needed to be another 35 to 40 minutes longer or shorten some of the other sense; the first hour could be about the sandman/black costume along with some of the relationship problems. Get rid of the sandman while this causing his problems with the alien costume to the next 30 minutes where he finally releases that it’s controlling him. He gets rid of it like spidey does, making Venom and the last hour or so is where he pick ups the peaces and where venom stalks Spiderman and maybe have a few small fights between the two leading up to the finally showdown. As for the goblin, one of two things. If they really wanted him in it, make him the villain in the beginning instead of sandman or don’t have him at all. Also, putting the Sandman into the uncle Ben origin of Spiderman makes no sense and doesn’t add to the movie. There is no reason to make that why Spiderman must fight the sandman, first off how many times does one have to relive the killing of his uncle, and second by the time Spiderman fights sandman in their first fight; Spiderman doesn’t know about him killing his uncle. Which means that the bases of the fight could easily been that Spiderman must stop a madman (At the time) from robber and hurting people. The whole uncle ben part should have never been included; whoever thought of adding more to it was wrong. What’s next for the fourth film, and gunmen on the grassy noel fired the fatal shot? Come on; leave the burglar character the one that killed his uncle. It doesn’t need to have added story that makes no point. I knew when going into the movie, it was what I thought it would be. Especially since there were too many villans with only so much time, they should have done the black suit and then make venom in the sequal or sometime there of.

  4. first off, i stayed up all night to go to a 1:30am showing of S3. i used money i didn’t have in sacrifice for my love of the past 2 Spiderman movies. i didn’t care, i just wanted to see this movie that i’d been waiting for since the first showing of S2.

    Needless to say, it is a fucking let down. i wanted to cry. this hole mother fucking movie seem to writen by a soap opra writer. that movie could have been 2 and a half ours of Venom just sitting in a chair telling tales, IF they would have done HIM RIGHT!! why in the fuck does spiderman, venom, and The new goblen keep taking there fucking mask off. what’s the point of having the mask if you’re just going to take it off. they are suppose to be hidden identities. Whats with the fucking dance scene?? how in the fuck can peter put the black suit on and off??? WHY WHY WHY did it end like that??

    i think that they shouldn’t have had so many villans, they shouldn’t have focused so much on the love story, AND they should have made venom look and act more like VENOM.


  5. yea, i just came from the first showing of spiderman 3 at midnight and it was everything the reviews claimed, i think i heard the word soap opera about 5 times walking out of the theater

  6. I think everyone is getting carried away on the borderline negative reviews…. The more you read negative reviews the more its gonna affect your thoughts on the movie almost like brainwashing you to not like it…. I love spiderman the comics, the character, the movies… this movie could do no wrong to me regardless… alot of ppl are missing alot of concepts here the reviewers are saying too much talk and love…. OK and thats what Spiderman has always fought for… Spiderman became what he is b/c of love for his uncle/mj/gwen and whomever you can come to think of in his world… My main suggestion is stop reading the reviews and watch the movie if u dont like love stories kinda not for u since thats what peter spends most of his life tied up in… Spiderman was never a action character he always outwits his opponents in fights like he did w/ doc ock in the 2nd movie… Just watch the movie then allow your thoughts to begin.

  7. I almost read that wrong Kristina lol. Knocked up does look pretty funny and it better not dissapoint me because I am looking forward to that film.

    Spider-Man does seem to be getting carried away with the villians and I prolly do believe that Venom was forced upon Rami. I remember him saying he really didn’t like the character so more than likely he was just thrown in there at the last minute just to jazz up fans.

  8. The beauty of film as I’m sure everyone has said is that its subjective!
    if you didn’t like it fine
    if you did also fine :)

  9. Why is everyone getting so upset when the movie isn’t out yet? I’m still going to see it and the percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes is fine enough for me.

  10. Gee Whiz…

    With all this “It’s great – It’s OK – It’s not that good” going on it’s enough to make you think that different people are going to see different things.

    What’s that you say?
    Are you trying tell me that basically reviews are just opinions?
    Well… I know what they say about opinions. Dont you?

    Quit being sheep, people.
    Dont decide the movie is going to let you down before you even see it.

    So what if some people have been let down. There were a lot of people who didnt like the first two also. So what.
    Do you always only like what other people say it’s Ok to like?
    And like KNEON said, some people are bound and determined to find fault in every comic related property.

  11. I saw the movie at a press only screening this morning. It’s more of a love story than a action, comic book flick. Here’s a quick, spoiler free review I put on a comic book board I frequent:

    Ok, so I just got done seeing Spiderman 3. I won’t give away any spoilers but I will tell ya what I thought.

    First off, special effects are really good. The Sandman looked awesome. The symbiote was pretty awesome as well, especially at the end. It still looked cartoony in parts, especially the action sequences, but oh well.

    Story, well there’s a lot of it in there, just not sure if it’s worthwhile. The movie was around 2 hours and 10 to 20 minutes long, but it seemed WAY longer than that, and not in a good way. The story is mainly centered (again) on Peter, MJ, and Harry, and by the end you’re wishing they would just shut up, at least I did and most of the people I was with. It just seemed long winded, and not enough action.

    There was some pretty good comedic moments in the movie, especially the Bruce Campbell cameo as a French host at a restaurant. But there were several comedic parts that just seemed forced, and there were a lot of “too campy” moments that made me just roll my eyes.

    And now what you all want to hear, VENOM. They know almost everyone is going to be waiting for Venom for the entire movie, so what do they do, wait wait wait and wait some more to show you Venom. Venom is supposed to look scary and menacing, but I never felt that when he was on screen. Topher Grace did a good job I thought, but almost the entire time he’s Venom, they take off his face to just show Topher in the symbiote suit. Venom seemed almost rather pointless and just a marketing gimmick for fanboys.

    Overall, out of a 10, I’d give it a 6. It wasn’t horrible, but it was far from great. I’m not a Spiderman fan to begin with, so don’t take my rating to heart. I don’t know, with being on the third film, it seemed like they’re trying to STILL get us to believe these characters. We do, just give us more action. My first thought is, THANK GOD FOR TRANSFORMERS.

    Plus, after 300, could any comic book movie compare?

  12. I remember one review saying that it’s pretty perfect for the first half and then just spirals out of control in the second. The general feeling from everyone seems to be that there was no room for Venom. The finger has to be squarely pointed at Avi Arad for that one. Despite what he might say in public, Venom was forced upon Raimi.

    I still can’t wait to see it though.

  13. i knew the film was going to suck this bad :)

    marvel films tend to do that

    fantastic four, hulk, punisher, daredevil, elektra, etc….

    spiderman and x-men seemed to be apart, but they aren’t

    X Men 3 proved how marvel exces threw the series to the toilet.

    As for spidey, the character provides the producers and writers with a vast universe that they can use to create wonderful story arcs and plots, but for some reason they aren’t able to do this. With a comic book universe that big, how come you’re so stupid to screw a film wher you have venom ??? or to screw a film where you have doc ock? And the only constant in all the 3 films was harry, why?? why take 6 hours and waste films where we could possibly have had electro or shocker or lizard, but NO, they gave us Harry and his fake version of the goblin. THREE FILMS were sacrificed to concluded that stupid storyline of Harry, Peter and MJ and their love triangle. And I’m not mad at the character of James Franco nor with him of course, i;m mad beacuse i know they won’t make 100 spiderman films with tobey and sam and kirsten, cuz we know the maximum we’ll get from them will be 6 films, maybe sony will continue the series but not before a big big hiatus. So, HOW will they introduce, develop and conclude the WHOLE stories told in the spiderman universe in the 3 left miserable films? Or maybe not THE WHOLE story arcs and plots but the main ones, eddie brock will die by the end of S3, he’s gone, the symbiote escapes, but who gives s f*ck, they introduce too much in one film that they can’t handle it, so they kill brock and end of the story !?!?!

    This only proves how dumb the people that oversees the spiderman proyects are. They, as well as most of us (fans), go with hype of the customs and the visual look of the film, but once we are there in the theather, we don’t care if spiderman is black or red, or if venom is big or small, we want good stories, stories that fit with the spiderman universe, CONGRUENT stories. If you are not able to handle the superhero’s tale universe then get the f*ck outta here and let people like nolan to take care of everything.

  14. Sorry for all the double posts, my browsers messed up.
    The tomato-meter and IMDB ratings leave me puzzled. It will be interesting to see how long the high ratings will last.

  15. Drop Mary Jane, bring in Stacy, and kill her off. Have Parker drop the squeaky voice. It’s time we saw Spiderman the way he was meant to be seen: a dark, brooding, tragic hero.

    Even the anger I’ve seen in the trailers make Spiderman/PP feel too emotionless. His anger isn’t anger, it’s an 8 year old crying over someone with a bigger cookie.

  16. Saw it today and my first impression is: too long, too much conversation, a lot of forced drama, less jokes and action. So far, on the technical site, this is the best of all 3 movies. Sandman is outstanding, when he’s created and in the fighting scenes of course. Venom is okay/good but is not as present as Sandman is. Peter has some pretty cheesy lines and scenes including Mr. Macho and some dance performance. Dont wanna spoil too much.

    After the grande finale, some small scenes follow and you wish it would finally end. This was not a good feeling. All in all, its a good movie. Not the best of the summer and at least 20 min too long.

  17. I saw it yesterday morning, and to say the least, I was very disappointed. I love the first 2 films, particularly the second one. The trailers for 3 look amazing, but the film simply doesn’t deliver. There are things i like about it. Venom looks incredible, and I think Grace and Church’s performances were outstanding. However, the way the characters are represented in this movie shows almost no resemblance of the others. There is a horiffic scene in the second act that made me bury my head in my hands and roll my eyes until it was over. It was supposed to depict Parker consumed by venom is terrible. When you see it, you’ll know which scene I’m referring to. It seems like they were aiming for some comedic angles and struck out on almost every one. Overall, this was too big of a story to tackle in just over 2 hours. We see things in it that really work, but not enough of them.

  18. Reviews are scaring me too. I read at JoBlo that there’s a fucking dance number with Tobey acting like Jim Carrey from The Mask. And that they didn’t alter Venom’s voice, so it’s just plain ol’ Topher’s voice coming out of that freaky thing’s mouth. Oh shit….

  19. I heard that during the first movie Kirsten and Toby started a relationship which didnt end well. So I am sure that doing romantic scenes and on screen kisses with an ex must be uncomfortable and awkward . Now I liked the first Spiderman movies, but I wanted to love them. I just didnt think they were that great. I only saw Spidey 2 one time, it just seemed kinda lame to me. I am still excited about this third installment, but I am also expecting it to be no better than the other 2.

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