Dunst Claims She Is Irreplaceable In Spiderman Series

kdst.jpgNews today is that Spider-Man 4 will be made, hopefully with Raimi on board. In related news Dunst has been talking about how a movie without the usual suspects would fail. News is plundered from the Yahoo:

Dunst told Entertainment Weekly that if that happens, a “Spider-Man 4” without Raimi, her and Maguire — who plays the comic book superhero — would be “disrespectful to the whole team.”

“Audiences aren’t stupid. It’d be a big flop without me, Tobey or Sam,” Dunst said in a story posted on the celebrity magazine’s Web site,

I would have to disagree with Kristen on this one. I think people would be disappointed to see Raimi gone. Spider-Man has been his baby and he really has done a fantastic job overall, it would be strange to have someone else is the Director’s chair – but people would still see the film. Maguire in my opinion would be the most difficult to replace, he does an amazing job as Peter Parker and It would be awkward to see another play the role.

Sadly, it is Kristen herself that would be the most replaceable. Many have not been thrilled with her portrayal of Mary Jane; I have hated her as the character. I consider this one of the worst miscasts in all of film history and pray daily to Shiva that she gets replaced. If they fired her from the role I would have a small parade in my hometown and would make the greatest Spider-Man float the world has ever seen. I don’t know why she feels that she is irreplaceable – she needs to stop listening to her mother and start reading message boards.

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49 thoughts on “Dunst Claims She Is Irreplaceable In Spiderman Series

  1. It’d be understandable if a hot chick got full of herself. Since she’s well, hot. Or a smart chick. Or a chick that is worth two drops of monkey piss. Dunst doesn’t fall into any of the above categories.

    And if anybody watched the Oscars, did you see Tobey give her the death glare onstage? If anybody’s itching for her to be replaced, it’s the Tobester.

  2. “Audiences aren’t stupid. It’d be a big flop without me, Tobey or Sam,” Dunst said in a story posted on the celebrity magazine’s Web site,


    I like the “me” bit.

  3. HAHAHAHA~!!! This is just flat out laughable. I had no idea Dunst was this full of herself. Thats just sad. I now have very little respect for her. She needs to get over the fact that these films are not about the actors or even the director. It’s the story of Spider-Man and it’s rich characters that make it so great, without these characters and story, this series wouldn’t of happened in the first place.

    Scense Sony owns the rights, along with Marvel, they can do whatever they want. This is like saying they can’t make the Hobbit without Jackson and the original team, cuz it just wouldn’t be right, or any other film series that hasn’t or wont be keeping it’s original director and actors behind it. She should feel privliged they’ve kept her on the Spider-Man films this long, period.

    Yes I’m going to be sad if Raimi does leave, as well as Maguire. But it’s not going to keep me from wanting more Spider-Man in the years to come.

    Someone needs to slap miss Dunst back into reality…

  4. The whole firken shababalang crew is EXPENDABLE.

    “Batman Begins” is proof of rebirth.

    Heck ya…”Spiderman (insert your flavour)” is 100% feasible

  5. Will all this replacement talk..I honestly think they SHOULDNT make a Spiderman 4..or at least, not just for the hell of it..i think they should take a break.I personally wanna see Sam Raime tackle something else, like that Shadow project or another horror movie or drama or something on a much smaller scale. Of course, Raimi being replaced is something that would dissapoint me the most..

    Kirsten Dunst on the other hand..Im not praying for her to be replaced..if she does..oh well..but I wouldnt be complaining about her being replaced..Id be complaining that they were making a fourth one..I dont want them to beat a good thing to death

  6. i dont dislike her as the role of mary jane, but i dont lover her in it
    im not seeing the movie for her, im seeing it for spiderman
    but all of yall hate her way too much, seriously, she is not that bad. Your just exagerating everything, especially you john

  7. Yo, it’s a comic book movie. Every single character is replaceable. Whether or not they are pretty, ugly, good at acting or not, characters change like mad in comics and it doesn’t matter. It’s the way of the comic universe.

    Also the styles of the comics and the heroes change all the time so the lead can be changed for a new movie or two as well. So can the director. Not sayin’ Sam Raimi sucked (he was great), but a fresh new look after THREE movies with one director ain’t gonna hurt nobody…unless…well unless of course the director’s no good. There is always that possibility.

  8. True, Alfie, very true. X3 would have had more difficulty had they replaced everyone, but I think it still would have been successful if they had lowered the budget and concentrated on a good story instead of blowing their monetary wad on CGI to cover up the holes. Except for Wolverine (the defacto face of X-Men movies), I think most anyone else could be replaced and it will carry on at the box office, and even Wolverine will have to be recast at some point. I’m NOT saying I would like that or want that, I’m just saying it could be done and the general masses (not fanboys) would still make it profitable. We’ll probably find out if thats true or not if they make an X4.

    As for Spidey, I think if they lowered the budget a bit (to give the new faces a chance to be profitable) to make a new ‘trilogy’ set (ie, 4,5,6) with new actors, but carry on the storylines, it could work. Besides, it may all be a moot point. Once series get into 4-6 terrirtory, you’re looking at 10-15 years of actor comittment to the role. Practicalites set in, and actors may not want to do it anymore.

    It’ll be interesing to see how these comic book movie franchises start to handle this. There are plenty of stories to be told, but you can’t have an aging Wolverine, or a 40 year old Spidey, etc. Recasting is the only way they can go since there’s too much money to be made to do a 10 year wait reboot like Batman.

  9. at this point i would really like them to keep the o.g cast for beacuse everybody knows who spider man is every knows who m.j is now. like the guy before me said, “you dont want to have a batman character change thing.”

  10. Kirsten Dunst is VERY replaceable. She is just a pretty face. There are plenty of those in Hollywood.

    As for the rest: Sam Raimi did a pretty good job adapting Spider-Man to the screen, but I’d love to see someone else at the helm. Seeing him stay would not be a problem, though.

    Sounds like blasphemy, but I’ve never cared for Maguire all that much. He’s GOOD, but I’d like to see someone more like Jake Gyllenhaal in the role.

    Just, y’know, keep Shia LaBeouf away from it.

  11. I have absolutely no problem with KD as MJ in these movies. She does a good job, as others have said, and brings to the character what they’ve probably asked her to bring.

    However, I do think she’d be the most replaceable main character. Also, I wouldn’t go see these movies without the cast (especially TM) they have now. It’d be too weird, like someone else playing Indiana Jones, as some other people on here have suggested they’d like to see because he’s “too old”.

    In my opinion these are the same people that made Grindhouse fail because it’s “old” or something.

  12. I don’t understand the hate towards Dunst. She’s not horrible by any means. Especially if you compare her to Holmes and Bosworth, acting wise. She did fine. And, she may not be particularly hot (unless they really want her to look hot, I think she looked pretty darn good in Spidey 1, but kind of more “normalish” in Spidey 2) but still, she gets the job done, and does it well.

  13. there is a difference eaglewing…..imagine if they had recast ,magneto, woilverine, even storm like if they had recast every character….

    I would be surprised if it had been as big as it was with a whole new everyone

  14. I have no problem with Dunst in the Spiderman movies. Seems capable enough. But from the quote, what she said is that audiences aren’t stupid (really?) and that it’d be a big flop without her, Tobey, and Raimi. Clearly she hasn’t heard of X-Men 3. You can replace the director, kill off several major characters (meaning remove actors), drop the ball on the storyline, and audiences do not care as long as there is spectacle on the screen. It still made a gigaton of money at the box office regardless.

    I think everyone could be replaced on the Spiderman franchise (and will have to be at some point if they want to keep making these movies every couple of years) and it will carry on at the box office. The trickiest would be replacing Tobey in the main Spiderman role, but it could be done. Lower the budget a bit, and as long as the studio makes money, it’s all they’d care about.

  15. Once again, I will rock the boat and will be the most despised MB commenter the int’l friends has ever seen.

    I have **no** problem with Dunst as MJ, she’s great. “Billy Corgan face”? Hate to smash your pumpkins :) but that’s a bit much. She’s got a Debbie Harry face. So much so she wants to play the Blondie. Now since I see a fairly attractive lass, and you see Billy, well, I don’t want to know what you are thinking. Just keep in mind they had her soaked in two movies now and made darn sure her nipples were erect in both. So there.

    Now on to that other matter.
    Dunst has a wonderful pair of loose lips. Very loose. Hmmm….

    She’s right!
    She is irreplaceable!
    She is victoriously vindicated, and I hope she reads THIS so she knows someone is right behind her in this latest babble.

    So…if she doesn’t return in Spidey 4, MJ need not be recast. Peter Parker simply dates an older woman, Betty Brant. More screen time for Liz Banks!

    She’s right!
    She is irreplaceable!

    For at least 13 years anyway

  16. as funny as the comments are I can see what she means……not her in particular but i do think if they did a complete cast and crew revamp…from director to the leads and had spider man 4 out in a couple of years it will seem to most people to be an inferior product and i think it would be a huge gamble for sony to do that. they would have to wait a few years if they were going to do a revamp….

    for the record I think she is fine in the role…for me the commenst are funny because she is obviosu oblivious tho the lets face it over board hate directed at her…she isn’t that bad…..

    I look at the names she is being called by people arounbd the net and I laugh as I am sure everyone who has called her an “ugly snaggle toothed bitch” on a movie website message board is like totally hot with a six pack and face that stops traffic.

    and where the fuck are the audio editions…what you go to hollywood and forget about us??

    plus please post the live shows for downloading….

    that is all

  17. I’m glad to see you picked this story up Doug, I saw it earlier and I was like WTF?

    We should all thank Dunst because she is probably a major factor in Katie Holmes being recast, she set a precedence for poorly casted female roles and how it can get out of hand, I haven’t been able to stand her since Spidey 1.

    Dunst and now Topher have been huge casting mistakes. Dunst because shes fugly, and now Topher because they blew a HUGE oppertunity, he should have been Tobey’s replacement as Spidey in 4. I could have totally gotten behind that.


  18. Her comments are really obnoxious and pretty deluded, but only because in almost all the superhero stories female roles are basically negligible. The story isn’t about her, she has barely anything to actually *do* so trying to discuss her “performance” is moot point. She puts forth very little because little is asked of her. The only reason people have a big issue with her in this role is because she’s not a supermodel, and fine, if you need just any woman to fill the role of a useless, mostly silent character, sure, why not just find any dumb, good-looking girl? The people who care so desperately about Spider-Man and other superhero movies don’t give a crap about the female characters anyway, so what does any of this matter?
    And so, no, Kirsten Dunst, people wouldn’t care much if you weren’t in it because your role doesn’t really matter.

  19. I ask her to read message boards, Doug. They are nasty as fuck, fanboy infested sites, but oh well, she probably has….

    Anyways, I think this is just a publicity stunt. Once the movie’s out and it’s made it’s money, she’ll just let it go. I don’t think she really wants to continue playing MJ.

  20. I still think replace everyone and do a older, disgrunted, almost burnt-out Spiderman, who has lost everyone important in his life. Also, side effects with having used the venom suit making him a little more hard core and vigilante. Predatory. That would be very cool to see on film.

  21. no i think youre all wrong.

    she is just as fine in that role as any of the other characters. she does a very ok job in the movies.

    i just think it would be a dumb move to replace any of them at this point. any change like that would not look good.

    people would still see a spiderman 4 without them though, but i think it’d be a much bigger gamble as far as people liking it and it making money etc.

  22. Spence beat me to my usual Billy Corgan reference, but yeah, she is a nasty ugly fucking hag. It would be different if she was ugly but could still act her ass off, but no. She’s not hot, she can’t act, so she needs to go to the top floor and jump. Seriously, I watched the Spidey 3 trailer in HD a few hours ago, and she looks worse in this one than she did in the first one….if that’s even possible. She is nowhere NEAR hot enough to be MJ. Put Nagy in a red wig and I bet Peter Parker would tap that over Kirsten Dunst’s fugly ass.

  23. She is pretty stupid if she thinks that she can’t be replaced. If any of the actors in Spider-Man that fans are willing to see go it is her. If Maguire and Rami left the franchise I am sure the fans wouldn’t be to happy and it would certainly take a hit at the box office but I am sure the franchise would still thrive if the they did come out with a quality product. Dunst is the most replacable actor in the Spider-Man movies.

  24. I think they’ll need to replace ’em both regardless. I didn’t realize that McGuire is almost 32… playing a, what, 22-year-old college kid? Figure a Spidey 4 would probably be 3 or 4 years off at least and you’re likely looking a middle-aged Peter Parker.

    But yeah, usually when any actor/actress comes out and says they’re irreplaceable, it’s often followed by news that they got the boot.

    I say do another trilogy in 7-10 years with fresh horses. Not necessarily a reboot, but a fresh director’s take on Spider-Man regardless ala 007.

  25. Wow.

    I agree that she is probably replaceable, but I just don’t get all the hatred towards Kirsten Dunst. Aside from her bad teeth (a BIG minus), she’s still very attractive. And she’s been very good in some wide-ranging roles: Marie Antoinette, Spider-Man, Eternal Sunshine, The Virgin Suicides, Bring It On, etc.


    UGH, my expectations just PLUNGED. A good chunk of what I was looking forward too was seeing Venom off that Billy Corgan twin.

  27. I never had a real problem with Dunst as MJ but she is replaceable.

    ”Every cast member is easily replaceable. Whoever cast these Spiderman movies is retarded and needs to be fired. That Seventies Show guy as VENOM??? WTF.”

    I believe that casting Topher Grace as Venom was a great casting call. I think they were going with a more Ultimate Spider-man Brock then 616 Brock. I perfer this move they have taken. Eddie being the same size as Peter feels like these guys are the same, and adds more heat to their fued in the bugle.

  28. I think everyone could be replaced, if im not mistaken Spider-man actually changes, Peter Parker gets married to Mary-Jane then another guy comes in and takes over as Spider-man. So it could be done. I love the new rules for posting comments…lol!

  29. Every cast member is easily replaceable. Whoever cast these Spiderman movies is retarded and needs to be fired. That Seventies Show guy as VENOM??? WTF.

  30. WTF……conceded bitch, she shouldnt have been in any of them..

    Billy Corgan looking motherf**ker

    dude you could have nothing but Wrestlers direting, producing, and acting in a spiderman movie and i would still go see it…….Hogan as Spiderman…..i dont give a shit, i will still go watch it…

    Would i be disappointed, f**k yeah….would it stop me from going to go see it, f**k no

  31. Eh… I agree with you Doug, 90%.
    I’ve never had a problem with her as Mary Jane. I’ve even enjoyed watching her on screen. She’s good. Not great, but good.
    But lets get into that cause that’s not what I really wanted to say…
    The thing that wonders me, is that how does she have the balls to say that? Does she really think she’s that great? That big?
    Oh well, we’ve always known she’s bit of a _simple_

  32. Mr. Raimi should pull a George Lucas and digitally impose Jessica Alba’s face onto her body in all the previous films.

    Mary Jane hot. The way it was supposed to be.

    I’d still do Kirsten Dunst though.

  33. she is replaceable and i would be alright with that as a spidey fan. why is there such a “trend” in miscasting leading ladies, for example katie holmes, kate bosworth and kirsten dunst?

  34. I would have to agree with Doug here. I hate her in that roll. Her fat pizza face isn’t exactly what I would imagine hot next door neighbor Mary Jane lookin like. Not at all. I would have LOVED it if they had replaced her. She’s as bad a choice for Mary Jane as OJ Simpson would have been for the Terminator.

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