8 thoughts on “John Reviews Shooter

  1. You agree about Danny G’s lisp! Cool, my friend said afterwards,it must have been on purpose…no way…hey, I enjoyed the movie, it’s worth seeing, a lot of unbelievable ‘holes’ but that’s hollywood. Don’t mean to focus on Danny’s lisp, though it was irritating…and funny.

  2. Over all I loved the movie. I just couldn’t get over Danny Glovers lisp. I had to try really hard to focus on his words rather than the lisp. I loved mark wahlbergs performance. I dont think its the same as his other roles though. The movie definitely could have been made a little bit shorter. Although they do have the bad guys sitting drinking champagne, i like that at that point Mark wahlberg gets to seek his revenge.

  3. Shooter wasn’t half bad. Other than some bad dialogue and a plot that was not as smart as the writer/director made it out to be, it has some pretty fun action… and Marky Mark is a bad ass.

  4. Although most of the things you said about the movie was true, it deserves a higher rating than 6. Maybe you were in a bad mood when you went to see it. I am guessing the reason why the movie was over 2hrs was to shed some light on the bond Mark Whalberg’s character had with the FBI agent which is extremely crucial for the movie.

  5. LOL. I think a stash would be perfect!

    As for your review of Shooter, it’s much more generous than other reviews I’ve read. Sounds like I may actually have to go out and see this now.

  6. “Mmuuah Ha Ha Ha! We’re so evil!” After watching this video, I’m now convined you need to grow a stash John. And when you do, twirl it like that all the time. :)

    I loved this movie and think it deserves far better than a 6. That whole assault on the summer house scene was worth an 8 my itself!

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