Leonardo DiCaprio: Have We Finally Gotten Over Titanic?

Leonardo-DiCaprioToo much success can sometimes kill you. In the midst of all the Titanic hoopla, a film that was the peak summit of the young Leonardo DiCaprio’s carrer, you would think that the movie about the big boat was going to be the key event that launched him into being THE “A” list man in Hollywood. But it didn’t work out that way. Titanic, ended up making people hate good old Leo.

It’s the same thing that happens with great songs on the radio (does anyone listen to radio anymore?) get played too much. Over saturation leads to distaste. Pretty soon, what was everyones favorite song last week is now hated by people. And I think that’s what happened to DiCaprio. Huge mega hit, that eventually got everyone sick of it, and sick of the star too. A star (DiCaprio), who still hadn’t matured yet as an actor and had a lot of growing to do still.

I was one of the people who was tired of Leo. I had as much distaste for him as anyone else. Yes, there was “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” but nothing he did after that impressed many people. Then came Titanic, and the huge hit looked like it may have killed him. His follow up films pretty much tanked (The Man in the Iron Mask, which I thought was actually pretty good, and The Beach). Yeah, it looked like he was done.

But then something strange happened. Along came Gangs of New York. Now, I don’t think Gangs was an AMAZING movie, but it did put Leo in the hands of Martin Scorsese and let him work with MASTER actor Daniel Day Lewis. That experience did something for him. The performance Leo gave in Gangs was probably the best of his career up to that point and I remember actually thinking “wow, he was actually ok in this”. The point is, with Gangs of New York you could start to see the change in Leo’s acting. He had stepped it up a notch. He was developing. He was growing. Working with Scorsese and Lewis I’m sure had something to do with that.

Then came “Catch Me if You Can”. Now in the hands of Steven Spielberg and working with another MASTER actor, Tom Hanks, DiCaprio kicked it up another couple of levels and flat out blew me away with his performance. It was the movie that made me finally ask the question “Holy shit, could DiCaprio actually be for real???”

In his next film, The Aviator, Leo answered that question. Yes, he really is for real. The performance he gave as Howard Hughes should have beat out Jamie Foxx for Best Actor at the Oscars that year (Jamie was wonderful, but DiCaprio was insane good in that movie). He had come full circle. He was starting to finally DESERVE all the praise he got when he was younger and didn’t deserve it. How ironic.

This year, DiCaprio put out two films, and the only argument wasn’t about it Leo should be nominated for an Oscar this year… but which one of his amazing performances (Blood Diamond and The Departed) they would nominate (They don’t want to split the vote, so you knew he’s only get nominated for one). He is just now in a whole new league. He’s on a level that 99.9% of actors will never attain. Pure, CONSISTENT, quality performances that pretty much make him money in the bank.

Has Leo now done enough to exorcise the Titanic demons that have plagued him for the last 10 years? Is the general movie going audience now looking at him for the actor he has become instead of the teen heart throb he was back in the 90’s? Are you now able to look at him as one of the best of the best actors alive today, or do you still see “that guy from Titanic”? Leave your thoughts.

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57 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio: Have We Finally Gotten Over Titanic?

  1. i am never going to forget that movie.


  2. OK..just got around to seeing Blood Diamond and The Departed. Made me download some long forgotten Van Morrison. Thought he was great, as was all, in Gilbert Grape. Finally seeing him pick up those better roles that suit his acting style, which is diverse. I think your an actor if you can play a different role everytime and choose not to get type-cast. …Is that the lingo”type-cast”? Anyway..He pulled it off. But damn…can I see him in a good movie where he doesnt frickin’ DIE!? Who the heck wrote the ending to Departed anyway…great movie until ending…not the deaths..the holes. wth was in the envelope? Did Damon ever get found out? What was with the slut? FBI fess up? Too many unanswered questions like how was DiCaprios’ character so smart and in the end, didnt have sense enough to send those tapes to the cops/news station?? Everyoneand their Mother knew someone wouldve been waiting for him downstairs…Really…Writers messed up…not actors fault Dicaprio did the best with what he had. Blood Diamond ..he was excellent ..nuff said…Hounsou surpassed, made me feel like i was tracking my own child or something..DiCaprio made me feel for his loveable/hated character…something almost impossible to do props ! *snap snap* Good job dude, keep it up and stay out of the polar bear cage!

  3. I love DiCaprio. He has done a pretty good job since Titanic and really dont associate him with that movie. He has grown into an Actor and thats quite visible for everyone. He has prettly looks, but he has a talent that has developed through the hands of masters like Scorsese and Spielberg. I undertand that not everyone has a chance to work with such masters, and thats might be the reason that his is in 0.1% of actors. But if mentioned masters see the talent (and they see since many great actors have come out of their works, for instance little Christian Bail) that means that he has one, and they gave him a chance to show it to the audience. I’m glad that he is on the screen and doing a great job. And I’m 100% sure he yet has to show what he is capable of doing.

    As for Mrs. Winslet – she is great. She lends all of her roles and I really like her in all of her recent (and not so recent movies). Indeed the Titanic was the weakes of them.

  4. I loved him as a kid, in Romeo and Juliet and Gilbert Grape. But I do think Titanic saturated him, he just felt over-hyped, over-played and tired. And I think only with Scorcese did he move up a notch, to a more nuanced and powerful acting that he has been putting out. I think the difference isn’t in his ability alone, but in his having input and being more secure off screen to ensure he takes roles he can truly bite into and understand and give more than some flat performance on something that is meaningless.

    I can see him again without thinking Titanic. I think it is partly simply that he outgrew the stringy youthfulness that was driving me nuts, and is now a solid presence.

  5. I dont get the love for edward norton….I find him bland and boring to watch. The screen actually dims when he is on it. He just has no charisma and I always read or hear about him being the “best actor of his generation” and I just don’t get it….

  6. I think Leo was a good actor, and now he’s even better.
    But I will never like his acting, no idea why, he just have a.. sort of a.. vanity to him. Tom Cruise has it too. As if when u see him on screen, u can hear hiom saying “look at me i’m a good actor”. They’re good and they know it but they just seems so full of themselves.

  7. Campy,

    DiCaprio is hated because when Titanic hit, all guys everywhere on the planet were jealous of the amount of attention girls sank in him. Young, old, sick, disheveled and invalid; they all wanted his taut body. We: i.e. the Male men, felt the need to hate, curse and cuss; to show how indifferent we were to our Women directing their attention elsewhere. Jump-skip ahead 10 years, and we now accept Leo, not because we feel less threatened, but because its the 00’s, and we’re all cuckold anyway.

    Hat Tip,

  8. Part of DiCaprio’s problem was he got caught up in being a celebrity following the overexposure from Titantic that “turned” people against him. I remember thinking after the stink he caused at not being nominated for an Oscar post-Titanic that had me thinking “Good actor, just needs a more mature attitude”.

    But he’s done it and he’s really grown into his talent.

  9. Russell, I must admit that I didn’t catch when you said, “John, I concede” in one of your comments. Sometimes I read too fast for my own good :)

    As for Jonathan proclaiming that DiCaprio is better then Christian Bale or Edward Norton, whoa there for a minute. Leo’s great, but don’t you remember Norton in “Kingdom of Heaven”? He grabs your attention even in that 5-minute cameo, while wearing a mask. I remember watching and thinking, “Who is this guy? He’s really good.” I made sure to check who the mystery actor was, and was not surprised to find it was Norton. On the other hand, I barely remember Orlando Bloom in that film.

  10. Hey John…

    As much as I loved Titanic for the production, research and visuals (and Kathy Bates), I have this theory on the failure of “Man In The Iron Mask”, a film which I though had some decent action and was wonderfully acted (of course, Jermey Irons, John Malchovich, Gerard Depardieu, Gabe Byne…) but since that film was released in a January month, it was overlooked by some…UA seemed to push Leo a bit more due to ‘Titantic’s current success at the time.

    Leo played (well) dual roles. But since one of those roles was this spoiled, backstabbing, womanizing and rotten young king, I always thought, shortly after the film left theatres, that any of his “new lady fans” who see this film would be turned off by it. Indeed- Leo had two supporting parts. It was this film that impressed me more than Titantic…a film which after a number of years had me convinced that it was one of those pictures which…well, let’s just say in retrospect maybe the Academy was a tad bit much in love with the pic than they should have been.

    While Titanic may have opened doors for him with good/great roles…why didn’t it do the same for Kate Winslet? After Titantic, the only film I enjoyed her in was Eternal Sunsine Of The Spotless Mind.

  11. DiCaprio was always a good actor. I think that the problem was that people’s girlfriends were swooning over him, which made much of the male population hate him. I don’t know any womant that didn’t like DiCaprio in the boat pic. Hell, taking my girl to see that guarenteed i got some that night. Catch me If You can, Gangs of New York and all the rest were just flat out better roles for him. And maybe the guy is just picking his projects better. I thought that MAn in the Iron Mask was a good film, but why do The Beach?And it’s not like he was just jumping at movies after the Titanic hoopla, he didn’t need to. Hatred of him after The Boat was probably just due to jealousy inside and outside of the industry.

  12. i was goin to type a long, long post about leo,but kristina you basically said what i was going to type 8 paragraphs about in 2 lines….nice ; )

    anyway i think matt damon is in a similar situation. i consider him one of the best actors alive and yet he doesn’t seem to get as much praise as the other heavy weights in hollywood. he was fantastic in talented mr ripley and should have gotten the daredevil role instead of affleck.


  13. Rather than accepting being pacakged as a teen heartthrob, he turned his back on that shit and took difficult roles that earned him props for his talent, not his looks. Basically, in a nutshell, the guy pulled a Johnny Depp.

  14. Nice try at wanting to be correct all the time John, but I’ve never EVER met a person who has referred to Leonardo DiCaprio as “That guy from Titanic”. I have never EVER met anybody who doesn’t agree that Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor. The movie that springs to mind for most people with Leonardo is “Catch me if you can”, a role that highlights just how much range he has as an actor. Nobody EVER disputed that he wasn’t anything less than one of the best actors in Hollywood. So I have no idea what your post is based on but nobody resents him for being in Titanic, the film wouldn’t have done as well without him. The only thing people ‘resent’ is the theme song, and yes, there ARE legions of Celine Dion haters.

  15. I also agree that Titanic tainted Dicaprio’s image, but like Sean said, it was his performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape that showed us that he got real skill as an actor.

    Yes, he has chosen some roles that weren’t very good, but his last 5 movies he has worked with some of the best directors in the business. Maybe you can say he has been blessed and fortunate lately.

    For me, I probably wouldn’t of seen any of his last 5 movies in the theaters, except for The Departed, if those movies weren’t helmed by either Scorsese, Speilberg, or Zwick.

    I am at the point where I’d definitely see him in any movie where he works with quality directors. I bet The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt will be golden.

  16. Besides Titanic, I’ve always thought Leo was great and destined to be one of the best of our time. Titanic was bloated and I never liked it. Everything else has been great. His character in The Beach was played wonderfully even if other parts of the film suffered. I think it was obvious that he was good and his age and portfolio just needed catching up with his talent.

  17. filthy filthy rich compared to folks who make between 50-100k, but not when compared to the billionares on Forbes world’s richest list. what would 20 million look like to a person who’s worth 1+ billion dollars?
    and you look at that list, you won’t find many entertainment industry people on there. the only ones would be Kirk Kirkerian, Spielberg, Geffen, and lucas. and NO actors whatsoever. even JK Rowling (Net worth: 1 billion) has more money than most of these actors ever will.

    just based on the number of hits he had, i doubt Leo has that much money. lets say he makes 20 million per film after Titanic (doubtful but possible) that means he only made 120 million for the films. this only counts the wide release big budget movies.

  18. Yeah wtf? He’s always been a good actor with consistently impressive performances. I think maybe you’re getting confused because perhaps its hard to imagine a teen heartthrob who got little girls scratching ‘Leo’ into their arms could also be an excellent actor.

  19. John Campea, you are just plain wrong. Just plain wrong! I didn’t read the other comments yet, because I don’t want them influencing what I have to say.

    Leonardo DiCaprio has already been an astounding actor!

    Yes, you mentioned Gilbert Grape, and you were right about that, but look at his other work BEFORE Titanic. Have you seen This Boy’s Life? He was phenomenal in this, as the stepson of Robert De Niro who has to put up with a… well, unique and sometimes depressing life, we’ll say. Or how about The Basketball Diaries, in which the movie wasn’t anything special, but his performance had so much emotion behind it, you knew he was destined to be a star. His last movie before Titanic, Marvin’s Room, is another showcase of how talented of a young star he was. John, I don’t think you’ve seen these movies if you think Gilbert Grape is all that is memorable from him.

    Yes, Titanic tainted him image. But he would have been CRAZY to not star in a huge-budget film from director James Cameron. Any young star would of, and would have been crazy not to. He hated the image it gave him then as a girly magazine coverboy. And yes, there was a point where I hated him for a while, before I got over it and realized he is one of the best working actors today. If nobody has gotten over Titanic yet, well, THEY’RE missing out. Just look at his past 5 films and think about his amazing performances in each of them and the emotion he brought to each role:

    Blood Diamond (2006) …. Danny Archer
    The Departed (2006) …. Billy Costigan
    The Aviator (2004) …. Howard Hughes
    Catch Me If You Can (2002) …. Frank Abagnale Jr.
    Gangs of New York (2002) …. Amsterdam Vallon

    HE IS THE ROBERT DE NIRO OF HIS GENERATION. Yes, I said it. He’s better than Christian Bale, better than Eric Bana, better than Edward Norton even (and I’m pretty much in love with anything Norton touches).

  20. Well Kaonashi,

    A few things;

    First, I stated, “I don’t know that much about him even as a fan.” What I was trying to say with that is, not many of us know the real personality of most famous people. However, some fans really take the time to read and listen to stars like Leo in interviews, watch what organizations they affiliate themselves with, and sort of speculate on what type of personality they most likely have. Which again as I stated, I haven’t done with Mr. DiCaprio. That being said I have perceived him in the past as being a jetsetter and in my mind is in direct conflict with what I consider a “real” environmentalist to be. But, if you read on I said, “Truthfully, I don’t know what he does” So I admitted I don’t really know the guy, and am already out of place for making such a strong assertion of who or what he is.

    Second, I said, “I am sure Bono is not flying coach.” As I am sure, you know Bono is known across the world for being a leader in support for great world causes to help the impoverished like Red or The One Campaign. So the point of that comparison for me was an attempt to say that for some world leaders like Bono or Leo for the sake of this argument, flying coach is not reasonable or realistic.

    Third, I said, “Defiantly not the most accurate comment I’ve made” and “You’re right John I concede” which was an acknowledgment and agreement to John’s response to my first comment. Saying, allow me to paraphrase here, “the guy is super rich and what would I do if I was super rich, and I was probably wrong in my assessment of him”.

    In short, I am saying I am probably wrong, that’s not new, I was attempting to say that in a prior comment, but I was in a hurry when I wrote it. So it must not have come out that way. I’ve been wrong before. I’m okay with it on occasion. :O)

    Best wishes,

  21. Russell, I’m just curious- where did you hear that Leo jets all over the world in private jets so he can eat dinner in the country of his choice? Because I don’t remember ever hearing that about him.

    This is my impression of Leo:

    Back in 1998, I was a college student at UCLA. I was at a small video game store in Westwood with a male friend when a group of guys walked in the store. They just seemed to be like any of the other thousands of students in town.

    A few minutes later my friend whispers to me, “I think that guy over there is famous. That little girl just asked for his autograph.”

    “Oh yeah? Who?”

    “I think he’s that guy from that Titanic movie.”

    I turned around as nonchalantly as possible. I saw standing by the counter one of the young men, separated from his buddies. He was tall, with blonde hair in a dirty black baseball cap. He was wearing a dirty white T-shirt and old jeans. He had stubble, pimples, and was pudgy. He looked like your typical skateboarder. There was no way in hell I would believe that this was Leonardo DiCaprio. But when he smiled, I just knew. It was him.

    You can’t imagine the amount of self-restraint I had not to ask him for his autograph.

    (Incidentally, if I recall, one of the other guys in the group was Kevin Connolly, from “Entourage”.)

    After he left, my friend and I approached counter and asked the manager, “Is that who we think it is? Titanic?”

    “Yep, that’s him all right.” The manager then explained that Leo had a problem with a video game and was asking to exchange it.

    The moral of my story is: would a guy who doesn’t care about his looks and goes through the trouble of exchanging a video game be the type to jet around the world on a whim?

  22. ok, i understand you’re not talking b.o.. i was just pointing out how Blood Diamond flopped.

    and I doubt Leo has 300 million or anywhere close to that, even if he made 20 million per film, his net worth wouldn’t approach it.

    Comparatively speaking, actors aren’t even that rich. When you look at Forbes richest people on Earth, you won’t see 1 single actor on there.

  23. I never really had a problem with DiCaprio (I even thought it was good in The Beach, but after his recent string of movies he’s proved himself to be the great actor of his generation, in league with the other Masters. Also, he gets points for knowing how to pick a project… Lots of great actors don’t have as much “luck” finding roles that are worthy of their talents. DiCaprio is approaching the level of Tom Cruise—love him or hate him, dude knows to pick a project.

    Also, we knew DiCaprio wasn’t going to get nominated for both movies because it’s against Oscar rules to nominate a single actor twice in the same category in the same year. It didn’t have to do with concern over vote-splitting.

  24. Very Good Article! I’ve always been a huge fan of Leo and after a certain Mr Depp he’s one of my Top Fave Actors! I think he has tremendous talent and his best performances, in the movies of his that I’ve seen, were in The Aviator(for which I agree he should of one the Oscar) and Romeo and Juliet! In all fairness his role as Jack Dawson in Titanic was more a supporting role to Kate Winslet with whom this article has nothing to do with JayJay! Oh and by the way she’s been in more than Arty English films! She has always made good decisions with her roles, where as Leo is just catching on to her and others way of thinking in recent years! He now does diversity rather than opportunity! That’s Why People like Leo or Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Uma Thurman are slowly becoming the Garbo’s, Crawford’s, Hepburn’s and Grant’s etc of our Generation!

    I didn’t like The Departed, mainly cos I love Infernal Affairs and couldn’t give it the time of day but I thought he was very good in that too! Here in Ireland Blood Diamond’s yet to be released and I’m looking forward to it!

    To return to what I said before Leo has like all made some bad decisions but I do not think Titanic was one of them! Although the role was an Everyman one, he performed it superbly and just to think that it could have been Matthew McConaghuey as Jack! “Not to impugne (his) work”, (Ooh Titanic Quote alert)having McConaghuey would have been so weird! DiCaprio was just starting to become known when he made Titanic and was perfect for the role as he had all the necessary attributes for the character! Youth, Good Looks and above all Talent! I don’t think of him as “That Guy from Titanic” anymore, I think of him as one of the potential Screen Legends of our Time!

  25. It’s his looks. Think of him as as sort of Peter Pan. He looks like a teenager (or pretty much did until recently), and he’s tackling adult roles geared for his age. It’s hard for audiences to reconcile what he looks like with what he is supposed to be portraying.

  26. I think that by the time Leo signed on to do Gangs of New York, he had gotten ridden of any demons he had regarding the Titanic phenomenon. I think it was the tabloids and us, the film-going public, that had to catch up with him and move on from it as well.
    One of the smartest decisions he made was to start a production company of his own and have a little more control over his own career. The Aviator, for example was his baby. Correct me if I’m wrong but, Leo’s the one that decided that a bio-pic of Howard Hughes should be made. He was also the guy who decided to hire Scorcese to direct that picture as well.
    He’s one of the few actors who has his own production company that actually makes decent films, instead of it being an ego boost to say you own a company (which a lot of actors are given by studios to make them happy).
    He’s going to have a long & succesfull career in films. That’s for sure…

  27. Marla,

    You really didn’t read my comment, or you don’t know what concede means. You decide.

    Additionally, I don’t smoke or drink that much, and just moved to a new home less than 5 miles from work to save on gas and commute time and I recycle. Plus, I donate a significant portion of my earnings to a non profit group and my wife and I sponsor a child with “World Vision” What do you do?

    P.S. Nice job telling a complete stranger to FuMarla,

    You really didn’t read my comment, or you don’t know what concede means. You decide.

    Additionally, I don’t smoke or drink that much, and just moved to a new home less than 5 miles from work to save on gas and commute time and I recycle. Plus, I donate a significant portion of my earnings to a non profit group and my wife and I sponsor a child with “World Vision” What do you do?

    P.S. Nice job telling a complete stranger to Fu<* off, I am sure you make you mom proud.

  28. other than the fact that the guy is rich rich filthy rich and he can afford private jets but he’s also an actor who has to get to different parts of the world to be at premiers or shooting or doing his green peace efforts. there’s not much he can do about it. so stop trying to make that a topic, wether he has a private jet has nothing to do with his acting abilities and a lot of people forget that. they are in the business for their acting career not their personal life. so F off with your “leos a hypocrite” bullshit cuz you should take a look at yourself and ask “what are you doing to make the world a better place? what are you driving? do you throw away bottles?” hell forget the planet what about yourself? do you eat mcdonalds? drink? smoke? so think about that before you decide to turn this post into something thats contridicting.
    Read Johns post again and reply accordingly

  29. Well I am not against him being a movie star or being rich or fly to the other side of the world to eat pasta, I just don’t think it makes sense to drive a hybrid car to save energy, be such a spokes person to the environmental cause, and then go out and be such a jetsetter. I guess I think flying in that person luxury plane and using all the fuel it must using is kinda hypercritical, he might as well be driving a big ass Humvee like Arnold . I do admit I am saying this without really know much about him at all even as a fan. Defiantly not the most accurate comment I’ve made, but I perceive him as a hypercritic and that’s why I don’t care for him that much. Truthfully, I don’t know what he does, but I think I am on to something. Yet at the same time, I am sure Bono is not flying coach. Your right John I concede. :O)

    Truthfully, I’m just happy you replied to a comment of mine, 2 years of reading the blog and commenting on occasion is finally paying off.

  30. Personally,
    I never understood the whole “Titanic Curse” thing people said about Leo.

    It never affected me or my viewing habits.
    I didnt like Man in the Iron Mask, but that was just because I thought the movie was bad. It had nothing to do with DiCaprio.
    I liked The Beach and pretty much everything he’s been in before or since.

    Except for The Aviator.
    Dont get me wrong, I thought he was fantastic in it, but the movie itself just really didnt do it for me.
    I too thought he was robbed at Oscar time, but what are ya gonna do?
    Jamie won, move on.

  31. i was wondering about that just the other day! i can admit that he is a damn good actor but i just can’t seem to bring myself to watch his movies! don’t really know why!

  32. I personally have always been a fan of Leo. I think he’s a fantastic actor and I’m really happy that former haters seem to be coming around. He really is an exceptional talent.

  33. i always thought the people who hated dicaprio were the male mallrats, because all the chics dug him, not because people had to dicaprio overkill.

    personally, i always respected his talents. he has this raw intensity about him, or maybe it’s just the roles that he played.

  34. I think it’s understood Leo is a great actor, to me it’s what I perceive as an elites attitude that bothers me. I just hate that this guy drives a Prius and also takes private jets to Italy for dinner on a whim. I just can’t help but think he is a poser and a hypocrite.

  35. yes, DiCaprio finally had a few hits after Titanic. Even though Blood Diamond pretty much flopped badly. he had 3 hit movies in a row (Aviator, Catch Me.., Departed), but Blood Diamond just didn’t struck a cord with audiences.

    Kate winslet has pretty much disappeared into obscurity though. She mainly stars in arty films from england.

  36. Kate winslet awasn’t turned into an internatinal sex symbol after the movie came out, either.

    I’m not really a fan of the guy, but is a great talent. He’s over Titanic, as is the rest of the world. That movie wasn’t all that, anyway. Weak story but KILLER effects.

  37. Interesting thoughts John. It’s interesting to note that Kate Winslet never had the same problem.

    One thing you didn’t mention was that Leo was in the tabloids and people magazine type gossip rags with lots of column inches on him doing the party circuit after Titanic. That probably skewed his image along with his overly young appearance. I’ve always though DiCaprio was a good actor, and yes, I like THE BEACH very much, a movie that was written off too easily at the time…

    He’s a bit overshadowed by Day Lewis in Gangs, but has been giving solid performances since hooking up with Scorsese for sure.

    (Chalk it up to another time where we agree…we may crack a dozen some day!)


  38. I always thought he was a solid actor, but he definately kicked it up a notch in The Departed. I was very impressed by how well both He and Matt Damon became their character. BTW I dont think Matt Damon gets nearly enough credit for his role in The Departed but thats another discussion. DiCaprio showed he couold play with the big boys in his last few roles, and He is for real.

  39. I have ALWAYS been a fan of LEO and i dont think that ALL his best work came after titanic. and i thought he was really good in titanic, like really i dont know why people pick on that movie, possibly because he got to be with nude kate winslet who knows but he was really good in that. However you cannot deny the talent that dicaprio has and has had from a very early age. let’s not forget whats eating gilbert grape, i mean i actually thought it was a retarded boy, i didnt think it was leo. and the basketball diaries. HELLO? This guy knows annurisms. Romeo and Juliet, awesome shakespeare, the guy is like brad pitt in that his his good looks are his worst enemy. And last but not least one of my favorite LEO movies, THE BEACH. Crazy good. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of my all time favorite actors and i do not miss his movies ever! And Since he didnt win the oscar for the aviator i hope hope hpe that he gets it for blood diamond. and not only is he a good actor but he’s also really smart, an active environmentalist, and is serious about his career. and anyone who bashes Orlando Bloom, is on my awesome people list.

  40. Excellent article John. It is too bad that Leo has had to fight and claw his way out of the poor shadow that Titanic cast on his career. Who would have thought having the biggest hit in movie history could do so much damage?

    The thing about Grape is that he didn’t follow it up with anything of quality so a lot of people just looked at it as a lucky performance that he couldn’t repeat. At least not until gangs of new york.

  41. I agree that Titanic caused people to turn against DiCaprio, but I think it was his performances in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (which you mentioned) and The Basketball Diaries that proved he was for real a long time ago (not to mention his recurring role on Growing Pains).

    — Sean

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