Getting Tired of Adam Sandler

I know this will put me in the minority, but I’ve grown tired of Adam Sandler. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Sandler at all, I even enjoyed The Longest Yard pretty much. But to me, Sandler has grown stale.

After the great performance he gave in Punch Drunk Love back in 2002, I thought we were about to see a fresh new direction for Sandler. Sadly that “New Direction” never really came to pass. Eight Crazy Nights was a massive disappointment, Mr. Deeds was bad, Anger Management SHOULD have been an all time comedy classic, instead most audiences yawned their way though it and lamented lost potential. 50 First Dates had its fans, but to me it was just everything you’ve come to expect from Sandler… predictable. Spanglish showed signs of something special… but it never quite got there. I liked The Longest Yard… but most people didn’t. Which leaves us with Click… a film that has the LEAST amount of “buzz” I’ve ever seen for a Sandler film. Why? Well… like me, I think most people have gotten tired of him.

I will however say that the concept for his newest project (that hasn’t even started production yet) “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” sound hilarious to me. Coming soon gives us this synopsis:

The film will star Sandler and Kevin James (Hitch, The King of Queens) as two straight firefighters who pose as a gay married couple in order to qualify for their department’s domestic partner benefits.


The bad news is that they’ve just hired Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore director Dennis Dugan. Why is that bad news? Well, it’s not because he can’t direct… I think he can. But I think Sandler needs to break out of what has been comfortable for him. We don’t need to see the EXACT SAME SANDLER that we saw in Daddy and Gilmore. I fear getting the same director will equate to us once again getting the same old Sandler… who as I said above… I think we’ve starting to get a little tired of.

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45 thoughts on “Getting Tired of Adam Sandler

  1. What do you guys think about Reign over Me? If thats the direction he chooses to go I think we will end up with a powerful actor afterall.

  2. and lucy, I totally agree with you. I’m sooo on your team of beating these people up :). If they don’t like Adam Sandler then they just shouldn’t watch his movies. He’s my role-model and my all-time favorite actor/comedian! I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think Adam Sandler is thee greatest actor ever and he deserves to keep making funny movies for everyone to enjoy! =)

  4. sounds to me like you guys are a bunch of haters sandler is a good actor and ya guess what he maken money what are you guys doin? compaining about it anyway i wont be back to this forum so dont bother trying to bash me i will never here about it hahah goodluck suckers

  5. Lucy you must be on drugs, but hey to each their own.

    Adam Sandler, Ben Affleck, Celione Dion..need I say more?
    But I will.

    Adam Sandler is like Bush to the Presidency.
    Both proof that non-talented, just got lucky idiots can reach “success” ans that fate is non-discriminatory.

    If there was any justice in the world at all, real talent would only be rewarded.

  6. adam sandler is the shit! he puts the comedy in comeidian. all you haters should just shut your faces because your not the one who is living in a huge mansion making the movies. all of his movies are amazing. put your money where your mouth is. i will personoly come to your house take care of buisness and physicaly remove every singel eyelash from the stocket of your pupil. soo stop making all of these stupid comments about him. if you are all so concernd about someones life you should be worrying about your own life for even being on this website saying all this bull about adam sandler.

  7. i love him soo cool. all of you heartless haters are soo full of yourselves. dont butt in where you dont belong. get and stop having something to say about every movie hes in because he is the one making the cash and puts the comedy into comiedean. i will personaly come to your house and physicaly remove every single eyelashes out of the socket.

    ps: adam if your reading this your the shit mann!!!

  8. i love him soo cool. all of you heartless haters are soo full of yourselves. dont butt in where you dont belong. get and stop having something to say about every movie hes in because he is the one making the cash and puts the comedy into comiedean. i will personaly come to your house and physicaly remove every single eyelashes out of the socket.

    ps: adam if your reading this your the shit mann!!!

    your bff ashton kutcher

  9. adam sandler is awsome everybody knows that and people who dont like him should shut up and mine there own buisness.(who is the one making all of the money not you!)

  10. sandlers a talentless hack! i loathe him so much, ive written a movie pitch in which his ludicrous career comes back to haunt him and turns him into an even bigger loony. although it was a school thing, it wasnt just out of pure hate.

  11. i strongly believe adam is a artist working on a master piece. we ahould stare at the artwork not the artist when jugeding his work. the artist is controlled by the director.
    secondley this site is lame man. there is lack of pics. peace out man.
    down low

  12. Sandler’s a whiney little fuck.

    I read somebody put up the defence that people hate him because he’s Jewish, but that’s a load of crap. I hate his freakin face, his inane storylines, his absolutely tasteless ‘comedy’, & the stupid ‘moral’ at the end of his stories. Guess he’s just pandering to the tastes of his retarded American heartland audiences.

  13. Chuck & Larry are in production now. My block has the experience of having some of the shots done on my block in Brooklyn, New York. Meeting the crew and cast will be exciting. I am voting that the film will be a hilarious and tremendous success!

    Always liked Adam Sandler – maybe some change is due, but this comedy will be good!

    We are all excited here in Brooklyn!

    Joan DiLauro

  14. Eeek Eeeeek! I’m a monkey! Lighten up and enjoy Sandler for what he is. The problem w/ the world is not Sandler or his ilk. The problem is too many armchair movie critics who won’t just sit back, relax and enjoy the comedy -or- shut up and stop spending their money at the box office, or maybe throw into a nice Mozart record or some other holier-than-thou pretentious pursuit. Sandler is what he is, and he’s never attempted to be anything more. Stop assuming he wants to or cares to. He does what he thinks entertains people. As long as it makes money, he’ll keep doing it. Good god in heaven, all y’all step off.

  15. No one is tired of sandler. You suck. Punch Drunk love was stupid. Sandler is a comedian. When comedians try to be serious you get movies like that eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

  16. First off i should say I am huge Adam Sandler fan. The only movies I didn’t like were Going Overboard, Big Daddy, and Spanglish. My favorite A.S. pictures are Billy Madison, Wedding Singer, Punch Drunk Love. I find his other movies (including the ones I hate) overall arent good movies but they have memorable scenes you find yourself quoting. Which is what I like about the Sandler and Happy Madison productions. How many out there saw Grandma’s Boy which was pretty funny without Sandler?

    Having said that I dont expect much from Click. Ill watch it but not opening day. But a movie with him and Kevin James, who im a huge fan of also. Ill be there opening day.

  17. I’m surprised at everybodys oppinion of Sandler. Am I the only person to like him?

    I’ll agree that recently his performances were poor (with the exception of The Longest Yard) but I love most of his films.

    What was wrong with Mr Deeds, John? That was a great movie.

  18. Haha! Correction … “Opening Weekend” was what I was meant to say mate. Thanks for pointing that out.

    PS. My name only has one capital ‘K’ in it ;)

  19. Hey KoKo.

    You think this movie will make $50 million on opening day?!?!?! REALLY!?!?!

    I guarantee you it won’t even make $50 million on opening WEEKEND.

    Let’s see next week.

    That’s a bold prediction my friend. if you’re right I’ll hail you as a genius. :)



  20. John,
    Even though there is relatively small buzz for this film, I could still tell you that it’s going to make 50 Million+ come opening day just because of the Names attached to it. Other than Sandler, come on, The Resurrection of the Hoff!!!
    But Sandler does also have another great drama on it’s way where he stars with Oscar nominee Don Cheadle in the film Reign O’er Me about a man whose family is killed in 9/11, sounds promising for him to once again show his dramatic chops.
    And oh my dear lord … I Now Pronouce You Chuck & Larry!!! It will be a hit … But let me tell you now … this is a rip off of an Australian film from about 2 years ago called “Strange Bedfellows” with Michael Caton from ‘The Castle” and Paul ‘crocodile dundee’ Hogan. Was a hit in Australia, but i highly doubt it was anywhere else. But it is the exact same premise only, set in America….

    As sick as you might be getting of Sandler, He’s not going anywhere and this Movie will be an absolute hit for him … Once again.

  21. as long as his films make money they will keep churning them out…..The longest yard was awful and still made well over 100 million. he makes relatively inexpensive films that bring in a bundle so don’t expect it to stop any time soon. his only real bomb was little nicky…..other than that he is a low risk for a studio really…..he will never beat happy gilmore or billy madison. they are his best.

  22. Wow, this sounds familiar. I think Cuba Gooding Jr. did something similar called “Boat Trip” and that was soooooo hilarious…not really.

    Sandler is getting tired and these “stright guy acts like a sterotypical gay guy for some otrageous reason” movies are pretty tired as well.

  23. I HATE ADAM SANDLER. He is one of the worst comedians in the movie buisness. i have never seen a good movie with this guy. an we say overrated hack

  24. Alas Sandler, like so many before him, has been permanently associated with a certain kind of comedy. Certainly glimpses of brilliance shone through on “Puch Drunk Love,” but far too few people gave it a chance and Sandler is once again relegated to the low-brow comedy section once again.

    He needs to keep taking risks and get himself into a variety of serious roles before the general public will give him the benefit of the doubt. Robin Williams pulled it off, and for a while Jim Carey did as well.

    So maybe Adam Sandler just needs to get himself a role as a sassy psychologist who lives in a make-believe world as part of a reailty show, when suddenly during an imporvisational comedy routine involving wrestling women he decides to start killing families whose pictures he saw whilst developing film at his part-time job at Wal-Mart. The twist is that he doesn’t kill them until he lures them into the classic movie theatre that he is rebuilding. Ooooo, fun!

  25. I can’t imagine how this new movie will be any better than “Strange Bedfellows”, which had essentially the same story but also subtlety and charm. I’m not saying S.B. was a great movie, but I doubt the new Sandler movie will be as good.

    I suppose we need to have a loud, brash American version of everything…

  26. I’ve never quite understood the facination with Adam Sandler myself, he does seem to repeat himself rather a lot in the roles he chooses/creates for himself, although I do love him in ‘The Wedding Singer’, and it’s a film I can watch again and again. Was quite interested by the premise of ‘Click’, but perhaps that’s down to Kate Beckinsale more than anything else ;-) but I agree John, that the “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” project sounds like it could be a winner.

  27. Sandler has never been a comedian of the calibre of someone like Steve Martin (in his prime) in my opinion.

    I feel the same way about Jim Carrey. Two of his best films were The Majestic and Eternal Sunshine, both with conciderately less gurning. I know actors probably like the cash that comes with churning out the same stuff but you’re more likely to expand your audience if you expand your repertoir (s?) once in a while.

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