Running Scared six minute preview online

RunningScared.jpgRunning Scared has put the first six minutes of the movie online for you to see. Just a little hitch, you have to sign up for New Line’s email system first and it didn’t let me!

That could be for a few reasons, it doesn’t accept UK postcodes so I had to make one up and perhaps it didn’t validate it, you have to sign up for the New Line email as I tried not to, or it’s just not working! Whichever it would be worth a wee look. Through Cinematical you can find the teaser at the official site.

Interestingly Matt over at darkmatters has a review of the movie and he rates it well going against that of the critic from the Guardian. They say…

“No one in their right minds could call this a good film, but it’s certainly unique.”

…whereas Matt sums up with…

It is grim stuff but sometimes there’s a place for that – so if you’ve got the guts, check out Running Scared – I guarantee that you’ll never forget the ‘inquisition by hockey puck’ scene.

Mark my words – “This will be a ‘cult classic’ before the year is out!!”

If you get through to the first six minutes, let us know what it’s like.

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4 thoughts on “Running Scared six minute preview online

  1. I thought it was awesome and the director is gonna break out as the next Tarantino for sure. Reminds me of Natural Born Killers in some ways. Disturbing but cool and shot so well.

    the UK site has some cool footage:

  2. I saw the movie as well and it kicks you on your ass in the best possible way. I think you have to buy into the fact that this is a thrill ride and it takes no prisoners. Walker is excellent, as is Vera Farmiga and the two kids. Oh and Killer Instinct’s Johnny Messner rocks the house. But seriously, the film is ultra-violent and continually intense in a way that I haven’t seen on screen since TRAINING DAY (for intensity) or even as far back as SCARFACE (in terms of the violence). I think the script and direction was really strong as well. You never know where this thing is going. And the disturbing scene everyone is talking about — well, it is pretty damn disturbing – but the payoff has you up on your feet. Definitely a film best sampled with a packed house. I agree – this is definitely headed for cult status. Give this one a shot.

  3. I’ve seen it too, and I thought the chemistry between Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines was great. Plus it has…wait, what? Ohh…not *that* “Running Scared”.

  4. Hi Rich. I saw Running Scared yesterday evening, and I can confirm that it is pretty disturbing. The violence is all pretty standard but there are a few scenes that will haunt you in the same way that Se7en and 8MM do, they niggle at your subconsious.

    To be perfectly frank the plot was pretty thin, and it seemed like a collection of disparate short stories than one continuous feature, with nothing linking the different scenes.

    However, the film is a thriller, and it certainly provides some thrilling (and chilling) moments.

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