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Beetlejuice.jpgI’m not really a Tim Burton fan at all. However, even I have to admit that he’s done one or two things that I’ve enjoyed… and one of those things was the original Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton.

For some time now there has been rumblings about the possibility of a sequel to the film. I usually get turned off by talks of sequels to movies that weren’t meant to be franchises… but for some reason I get pretty interested in any Beetlejuice 2 talk. Now, the folks over at MovieHole give us some of Michael Keaton’s thoughts on the potential for a B2:

“It would have to have Tim at least in a supervisory capacity. Heck, I’d settle for just having Tim to hang out”, Keaton tells The Houston Chronicle. “He’s 100 percent original, and who else can you say that about?”. The former Caped Crusader has been semi-attached to a “Beetlejuice” sequel for years, with the title “Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian” being branded about at one point between 1990 and 2005. Yup, a long-gestating idea.

As much as I’d hate to say this (because I actually really like Keaton) I have to take his “interest” in doing a Beetlejuice 2 project with a grain of salt. Why? Well… because Keaton’s career hasn’t exactly been soaring of late… and I’d be interested in any project too that would have me as the leading guy. Am I just being cynical?

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7 thoughts on “Beetlejuice 2 Talk

  1. Now hold on a minute, it’s up in the air still and i’m sure Tim Burton wouldn’t allow something horrible to happen to it. But take Burton out of the picture and I agree with you Triffic on this movie being SON OF THE MASK bad.

  2. It would be cool to see a prequel back story to Beetlejuice. It would be hilarious as well as dark and twisted. Or if they did a sequel about him wrecking havoc on other peoples lives would be great. My favorite part is when Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis piss off Beetlejuice by leaving the model they were on making a business deal, and this is my favorite scene and this is my favorite quote from Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice.

    “You bunch of losers!! Your working with a professional here!” *turns towards a tree and kicks it down*
    ” Nice fuckin model!!”
    *squezes his nuts which make a honking noise*

  3. Hell, Keaton was so good as Beatleguise, funny – funny – funny. I love Keaton, and I know his career is not exactly tops right now, but I don’t blam Keaton for that. White Noise was a flawed movie, but I never would have even watched it if it wasn’t for Keaton. He was able to save that movie from a direct to DVD premier.

    Now the Hawaii idea seems a bit stupid, but hey I would still go see it in a heart beat, and I know my buds would join me.

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