Stan Lee to create 25 new Superheroes from Celebrities

StanLeeSuperheroes.jpgSince this is my first Xmas on the MovieBlog I think I’m just finding out how quiet it gets for news about these times – don’t worry I’m squirreling away some nice titbits to write lengthy tomes about, John will be happy! – so in this run up period it’s not clear whether some stories are stretched, fabricated or the standard self advertising. Still, I’ll carry on with them anyway, at least some of them are entertaining.

Stan Lee is taking on a new project to turn 25 celebrities into Superheroes IMDB reports today.

Legendary Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee, who with the late Jack Kirby created a host of superheroes for the comics, is planning to turn at least 25 celebrities into superheroes for a series of feature films, direct-to-DVD titles, and merchandise, Video Store Magazine reported Monday. Lee’s POW! Entertainment is working with the production company Celebrities in Action to develop the project. Details were sketchy — Video Store did not indicate whether the films will be animated or live action, and it said that “exactly which celebrities will participate is still up in the air.”

So not many details at all really, however Lee himself has commented on the project:

“What a kick it is to be tackling a project as original and unique as creating new personas and storylines for actual, world-famous celebrities … And what a challenge! Imagine making superheroes of people who are already superheroes.”

Not sure what to think of this, isn’t it just doing what has been happening for a while now, turning Superhero stories into movies and cartoons except there’s a plan to do them all at once?

There must be something more to this, perhaps it’s planned in an Animatrix style with lot’s of crossover stories, or a series of shorts. The other advantage this would have is to market Superheroes to the Movie Industry, if Lee picks heroes that have yet to make it to the big screen then he’s effectively marketing the big screen concept.

Any suggestions for the celebrities to match to Superheroes? Let’s try for some non-filmed ones.

After an interviewer suggested Ben Kingsley would make a good Mr Freeze in the Batman franchise he laughed and said:

“I absolutely take your suggestion regarding Mr Freeze,” the domed actor told German press hounds, “Let’s put it out there!”

Okay so it’s not a Superhero, turn back to to them and share your best suggestions for matches.

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3 thoughts on “Stan Lee to create 25 new Superheroes from Celebrities

  1. You have misunderstood the project. He is making 25 NEW superheroes based on particular celebrities, and not matching the celebrities to superheroes that already exist. Although it would be nice to see 25 shorts that crossover (animatrix style), the idea of turning celebrities into heroes sounds unappealing. They have big enough heads already without turning them into heroes, and to hear Stan Lee say that they are heroes broke my heart. He knows the definition of hero better than anyone, but he abandons it with this concept.

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