Channel 4 voting for best and worst films of 2004

Vote.jpgChannel 4 are currently asking for people to vote for their best and worst movies of 2004, we’ve missed the nomination stage, but they are into the actual voting, so pop yourself over to the site and get those votes in.

Some highlights for the best are Shaun of the Dead, Finding Neverland and The Incredibles. For the worst, check out Resident Evil: Apocalypse, White Chicks or Garfield!

Oh the choices! Perhaps we should do our own best and worst of 2004…

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12 thoughts on “Channel 4 voting for best and worst films of 2004

  1. Comedies tend to get unfairly dismissed when it comes to awards, possibly because they are considered not ‘important’ enough. And yet, is it so easy it to make people laugh? No, it ain’t, but School of Rock managed to achieve this throughout its entire running length. The attention to detail was terrific, as was the acting and so gets my nom for number one. Here’s the rest:-

    2) The Return
    3) The Five Obstructions
    4) Elephant
    5) Lost in Translation
    6) Trilogie
    7) Infernal Affairs
    8) Spring, Summer, Autumn, Spring
    9) Zatoichi
    10) 21 Grams

    1) Troy
    2) Kill Bill 2
    3) The Emperor’s New Clothes

    Worst Magazine
    Empire (as ever)

  2. No doubt one of the worst, most infuriating films of the year is the documentary “SHORT CUT TO NIRVANA” now being dragged around cities in the US by its Italian euro-trash makers.

    It’s a doc about the Khumba Mela, the biggest religious (or any other kind of) gathering in the world. It takes place every 12 years on the Ganges in India. This one was filmed in 2001.

    It shows nothing about the real India at all. It shows the K.M. as a carnival, a freak show, with more fake gurus doing weird shit than you’d ever want to see. When I asked where were the castes, especially the harijan (untouchables)and the beggars and the chaos that represent India, these guys who made it said “we only wanted to show the fun side – or the spiritual side” – something like that.

    If you can find more than 5 minutes of true spiritualism or true India in this act of self-gratification, good luck to you. And the “fun side” – listen, India is an amazing adventure but it is hardly fun. AVOID THIS FILM AT ALL COSTS.
    (They ask for money after the filming too!).

  3. Best movie website: Metacritic

    Now… remember High Fidelity…

    Top 5 BEST:
    1. The Incredibles
    2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    3. Before Sunset
    4. Kill Bill Vol. 2
    5. The Bourne Supremacy

    Top 5 WORST:
    1. Shark Tale
    3. The Butterfly Effect
    2. Alien v/s Predator
    4. I, Robot
    5. Troy

    Finding Neverland haven’t seen it yet.
    Shrek 2 is not good, but is not so bad either, idem Ladykillers.
    Catwoman is in the list of movies that I know that exists, but I don’t wanna see it.

  4. i had to go with zatoichi becasue it is the movie i had the most fun at this year.

    I mean, that whole dance sequence at the end was one of seriously, one of the most suprising, funnest things i have ever seen.

  5. Can we vote for the worst movie websites?

    I think that this year’s content provided by ‘Aint it Cool’ has been the worst ever, Just witness the films that have been reviewed and praised by the owner of this site (very much like Empire magazine).

    My fav is still Rottentomatoes. Although this site is an exciting addition to the blogs that are around.

    By the way Shrek 2 is awful. “A whore’s movie” as the great screenplay writer W.Goldman would say.

  6. I just noticed, it isnt Empire holding the poll but Channel 4. Before Empire wags start waging a war against Movie Blog.

    Here is my list of films so far:

    Finding Neverland
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Before Sunset
    The Incredibles
    Shrek 2

    Van Helsing
    King Arthur

  7. Empire magazine is so lame. I wish people would stop reading this 2nd rate ‘Hello’ magazine version for the movies.

    I hope blogs like this website kill off things like ‘Empire’. And it’s not about money, it’s about second rate writing which Empire excels at. Sooner or later the ‘movie blog’ can charge. Which is cool as long as it stays real.

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