Another box office failure seals it: Meg Ryan is done

megryan.jpgOuch! 4 movies premiered this weekend, and not one of them made over $10 million dollars. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Р$9.2 million, Welcome to Mooseport Р$7 million, Eurotrip – $6.6 million, and Against the Ropes Р$3 million.

The failure of Against the Ropes to make any money while up against weak competition makes a sad reality official: Meg Ryan has fallen out of grace with the North American movie going audience. The once ‘A’ list actress now has her fifth flop in a row on her hands. Her last 4 films; In the Cut (2003), Kate & Leopold (which was actually pretty good – 2001), Proof of Life (2000), and Hanging Up (2000), have all quietly come and gone from the theaters making little to no money. People just don’t want to see her anymore. Want to know why?…

I think it all started to fall apart for Ryan when she left actor Dennis Quaid and hooked up with Russell Crowe. Right or wrong, it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth that they just couldn’t spit out. The good little girl was now the opportunistic hussy dumping her man to get together with the new most popular boy in school. I’m not saying that’s what she did, but it is the perception her fans had‚Ķ and that’s all that counts.

So what is the answer for Meg Ryan? Well, she needs a hit film almost as bad as Harrison Ford does. If she a) Gets back together with Quaid, re-establishing her wholesome image, or b) Makes 2 more comedies with Tom Hanks ‚Äì she might be able to get on everyone’s good side again‚Ķ but I doubt it. Too bad, I really like Ryan.

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9 thoughts on “Another box office failure seals it: Meg Ryan is done

  1. I’m with John here … Meg’s recent roles have all flopped entirely because she’s played against type and whether she’s good in those parts or not the simple fact is people don’t want to see her in them. She waited too long to start expanding the boundaries of her image and now she’s totally locked in …

  2. Tamara:

    I’m not saying Meg DID do all those things… not at all… I’m just pointing out what the public perception is. And that public perception (right or wrong) is keeping people from being interested in seeing her films.

    As far as more “serious roles goes, “In the Cut” was a VERY serious and dramatic role… and yet it flopped too. Proof of Life was a dramatic role… and it flopped (even though the BIGGEST name actor at the time, Crowe, was in it with her). Against the Ropes isn’t her normal comedy either… and it’s flopping too. If anything I think see may need to get back to the cheesy comedy. Who knows. Just my two cents worth.

  3. Cut the gal some slack. From what I’ve heard Dennis Quaid wasn’t all that peachy to live with. And I saw pictures of her with Crowe that I didn’t think looked like she appeared to be smitten by him. I thought she looked sad and maybe a little lost.

    Anyhow as for her movies floppin. I don’t think it has anything to do with her talent. It’s the type of movies she does. When certain names in the industry come up, you know instantly whether the movie will be good or bad. Meg does the same kind of movies over and over. They are sappy, comical romances and you can about predict the outcome of them. She needs to try a more seriously challenging role, like a political thriller.

  4. Oh yeah, she’s still totally famous… but that fame isn’t doing anything for her. People know her… but don’t want to see her… at least not like they used to.

    That’s my only point. And trust me, no matter how good/bad/famous you are, if people don’t pay to see your films, pretty soon you ain’t gonna get the big roles anymore. I REALLY hope I’m wrong about Meg on this one.

  5. Well, that’s why I didn’t say “buzz sells movie tickets.” ‘Buzz’ is chatter. Good or bad.

    And if people are talking about a particular actor…….pauses……. See? … then it’s still a good thing. It comes down to the whole “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” motto. Exceptions yes, but Meg is still one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

    And as far as In the Cut goes, on Opening Weekend it played on 6 screens – a pulled in 97,625 bucks. That’s a LOT!!! – that figure is over 15,000 per screen. Granted, it didn’t do nearly that well afterwards, but the movie only had a gradual expansion to 800 screens. Not bad for an indie flick.

    Making a 300 million dollar movie this year? Not likely – Needing to take on a new role in a different type of movie? – Possibly. Still Famous? very, very yes.

  6. Well, perhaps it is a little drastic to say she’s “DONE”. But really, her name isn’t getting anyone to the theaters… as a matter of fact, it may be keeping people away.

    And buzz doesn’t quite do it. In the cut did get her buzz… and still NO ONE went to see her in it. That’s harsh… she does a nuddy scene and still no one bothers to see her film.

    I think RetardedJimmy may be right. It’s time for her to re-classify herself from Leading Lady to some supporting roles while she gets some respectability back.

  7. I’d have to agree, I wouldn’t say she’s done either. In fact, I’d say far from done. In fact, I wouldn’t even say she was sick in the first place.

    If all you need is buzz, then In the Cut got her tons of payment.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes at least 2 more “50 most beautiful people” lists.

    No one’s done unless you’re dead or that girl from Diff’rent Strokes.

  8. Oh, I don’t think she’s done. She can still star in my movie, if you know what I mean.

    Seriously though, I think what she needs to do is take a few smaller character roles/cameos, and build up a reputation again, and then look for a well written comedy to come back with (romantic part is negotiable). She’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll be more than willing to help. Call me, Meg!

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