Johnny Depp offered Willy Wonka

Johnny Depp offered Willy Wonka role

Johnny Depp has been offered the role of Willy Wonka in director Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a Warner Bros. remake of Mel Stuart’s 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This will be the third reteaming for Depp and Burton, who previously collaborated on Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood. According to Variety, talks could potentially break down between the studio and Depp’s UTA reps, since the commercial success of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl gives the actor an upper hand in the negotiations. The adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic is being produced by Michael Siegel, who manages the interests of the author’s estate, and Plan B partners Brad Grey, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. A script for the pic is in the works, but Warner Bros. has moved carefully over the years to prep the remake; Dahl adapted his novel for the original Willy Wonka movie but wasn’t content with the result.

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  2. iv got his address its uta unitd talent agency 9560 wilshire boulevard suite 500 beverly hills calafornia ca 90212


    9100 wilshire blvd ste 725e beverly hills ca 90212-3441


  3. omg johnny is sooooo fit and i find the makeup such a turn on and i just wanna say u r crazy if u r tryin 2 b him cos u cant match such a talented and gorgeous actor.

  4. Johnny Depp looked so handsome in POTC I think that the only girl who Johnny is related to is her daughter and Vanessa Paradis.So don´t tell you freaky girl that Johnny is yours, because if Vanessa finds out she is so gonna kill you.Though I think she doesnt care at all

  5. thats cool i dint realize johnny didnt do movies for money anymore thats really cool my drama teacher in middle school told me that a really great actor almost never talks about there proffession and seeing johnny an all of those talk shows has proved her right johnny is a very caeing considarate person he loves his family and i have to admit he is beautiful god it is almost unreal he was just so quite and shy well not shy but i dont know on opera and other talk shows he is so intellegent and cool and funny man he is like the perfect man wow i dint know i was going to wright this muchlol thax for reading this

  6. Please…..are you all blind? The first movie was amazing…a beautiful movie with an incredible actor. No one will ever be able to be Willy Wonka like Gene Wilder. How is Johnny Depp in pink lipstick and bob attractive? They made a great novie a freak show. OK, the whole arguement of “Burton’s own intepretation” is stupid. Someone already did the movie. Dress Depp up, buy some candy and make your own story. Depp is a good actor, but he has no magic, no charm and nothing childlike about him. The whole factory has the samne eerieness all Burton’s movies have. And hey, Roald Dahl was on set for the original movie, writing the script and advising Gene Wilder. I think he must have liked how they made it. This is like remaking the Wizard of Oz….let’s put Britney Spears in pigtails and give her ruby slippers……
    -a thought… little bro pointed out that willy wonka never said “hate” in the first movie. IT WASN’T HIS CHARACTER. Depp already said it in the new preview.

  7. I can’t wait for Charlie and the Choco factory to come out! Johnny will be awesome in that purple coat thing! Mm mmm good. He’s has extreme talent and he’s the hottest thing out there! heh..

  8. As it has been stated before, please keep your comments to be about the movie or other comments.

    Please refrain from playground cussing and general. This is not constructive arguement.

    Leave it alone. We don’t care that they want to express thier fandom this way. Why would you?

    You dont know Mr Depp’s online habits any more than I do, so it is entirely possible that he comes here and reads these posts. Im sure he knows that he is worshipped by thousands of little girls and women alike.

    What he doesnt know is that he has foul mouthed poster’s getting jealous over it. Good for you.

    Further flaming and cussing of this sort will only get you banned from these forums.

  9. all u lil fuckers that r tryin 2 say that u r johnny depp, you’s r all fuckin wrong cause johnny depp does’nt go on the computer that much and when he does he fuckin doesn’t go on a fuckin messege board with his fan’s cause when i met him he said “i don’t go on my own fan web sites or messege boards so fuck u

  10. I would love to see a remake myself. But as for johnny’s best performances i would have to say Edward sissorhands which was my favorite movie as a kid and Chocolat. He played such loving and compassionate characters. He’s a real actor of his time, which frankly is filled with too many actors and actresses that need a little more devotion. O yeah and he’s hot.

  11. ummm…..”mrs.depp” does not exist and whoever you are..who are u talking to? anyways.. i recently heard that helena bonham carter will be playing mrs.bucket

  12. cummon folks… it all started with 21 jumpstreet. The johnny depp spell has been on every north american female since 1987.
    I do think hed make a great willy wanka though.

  13. i’m so glad that johnny depp got the part for willy wonka and i’m just so dying to see it cause if it’s johnny depp the main character and tim burton is directing then of course i have to see it, and i’m also excited and i know that others are also. I mean of course he’s going to get the part, because come on he’s a great actor and also because that fabulous, swashbuckling, handsome, funny, character that johnny depp played named CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in of course pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl, i mean come on, that was such a character that he played and of course tim burton is goin’ to want him to be willy wonka. It’s obviously no surprise baby, i’m just so happy for johnny and i will always love his acting and i need to calm down because i’m only 12 and i just can’t stop thinking about johnny because he’s just so cool, attractive, and so smart and i just love all the roles that he played and i will always be a fan of johnny depp. HE’S THE BEST, AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST.

  14. Damn all you other girls. Who cares if he’s hot, thats not a reason to want him in the movie. Ever since I was a little girl, Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka has been my most favorite movie role of all time. When I found out that Johnny would be playing him in a remake, it was like the best of both worlds. The best actor there is, and the best role. Not to mention, Tim Burton. Please though, let us appreciate Johnny Depp for what he is – not a “hot Guy” product to be sold, but an honest-to-God ACTOR. One of the few there really are in Hollywood. I’ll be at this movie premiere with bells on.

  15. i am obessed wit johnny depp. i wish i were marred to him but, im not. i really do hope that he does get the role for willy wonka coz he wood be da bomb! HE IS SO HOT!!!!!

  16. first of all, it is not a remake of the 1971’s version it is based on the roald dahl classic and more focus on the oompa loompas and it will not be the thrid reteaming for burton and depp, it will be the forth (1.ed scissors,2.ed wood, 3.sleepy hollow and now 4.willy wonka) ANTICIPATION for 2005 is very extremely high in my books and i have absolute faith in burton that this will be an excellent EXCELLENT movie just like all his others. YAY DEPP! Burton a.k.a. JESUS

  17. I think Johnny Depp would be an awsome Willy Wonka. He is a wonderful actor. He is also very hot. I thought his character in Pirates of the Caribbean was great, he did aa awsome jod playing Jack Sparrow. I would do anything to meet him.

  18. Johnny Depp has said before that he doesnt like his good looks. I hate to speak for him becasue I dont really know, but I think that you maybe right. He doesnt like his good looks. I dont know how true this is but heard that when he was in the tv series 21 Jump Street he wanted to quit so bad that he came to work with rubber bands tied around his tongue so that they would destroy his contract.

  19. I feel sorry for Johnny Depp’s good looks, quite frankly. Haven’t any of you noticed that he’s never been in a role which requires him to look good? Unlike other male actors that are considered hansome, his good looks are most likely an annoyance to him, because he has to play against them. How would you feel if you were one of the best actors out there, and all people saw on screen was a pretty face? If you’ll notice as well, he’s not so “hott” in all of his movies. Haven’t any of you seen Ed Wood or Fear and Loathing? He’s obviously intentionally made less attractive for the parts. And as wonderful as it would be to see a good looking Willy Wonka, I hope they do the same in this movie as well as to shut all of you hormone-driven pre-teen girls up, and force you to have to pay attention to his talent and acting abilities instead.

  20. If it comes out in June or July 200five (my five key on the keyboard doesnt work,…lol) It might be near POTC2, but maybe not…

    He soooo deserves the oscar for his portrayal of Captain Jack…

  21. I agree with the person who calls themselves Johnny Depp. Although you maybe right, I think that its pathedic and hypocritical of you to say everyone has a problem when your the one using the name Johnny Depp.

  22. You all need to get a life! Grow up! I think all you little girls need to take control of your hormones! Do you still think Johnny would be so HOT if he wasn’t an actor, I doubt it?!?!? The point is, he is a very diverse actor, and hopefully he’ll accept the role. He can do it, and should!

  23. I dont want to say that I think it is sad, but it kind of is that people are so obsessed like they are. Johnny Depp is a wonderful actor, but the truth of it is how do you know you will meet him and find out hes a jerk. I am not saying he is, atleast I hope that he isnt. But when people say they cry when they see his picture I just want to say you know I am sure that you could occupy your time in a more effective manner. I mean that in the nicest way. Like becoming and actress/actor thats an exellect goal, so go out and do something to make that happen.


    LOVE YA!!!!

  25. i want to marry him i mean i cry every time i see his picture but i have his pictures all over my wall but i want him to no who i am and im going to become an actress and im going to do films with him!!

    love ya!!

  26. I agree with Jacque as well. Although Johnny is hot, he is more so an amazing actor. He put many others to shame, like the ones who only do it for money or to have body parts exposed for the public eye. He is about more than that, which makes his work all the more appriciated. Yay! lol…

  27. I think this site is wonderful, as it surely encompasses the beauty in the body of work Johnny has done. But please keep in mind, that rumors are rumors, and what is said to be true isn’t always, and who say they know don’t know. I like positive commentaries, based on facts, not on fanatic assumptions. English isn’t my first language, but I hope i make some sense. yes? thank you, and god bless.

  28. I think this site is wonderful, as it surely encompasses the beauty in the body of work Johnny has done. But please keep in mind, that rumors are rumors, and what is said to be true isn’t always, and who say they know don’t know. I like positive commentaries, based on facts, not on fanatic assumptions. English isn’t my first language, but I hope i make some sense. yes? thank you, and god bless.

  29. I agree that most of what is said could be considered rumor. Thats why I never say anything is for sure until I see it in theatres. But I appreciate you and you information, Mr. Day-vuhl. And as you have so politely mentioned you best watch out where you get your information. You never know whats real and whats not. And as for you MikeR. Manson should not be given this role. Many people like certain characters that doesn`t mean that they should automatically be given the role, just because its their favorite. Look at this from the casting directors point of veiw and it becomes more obvious that Johnny would be the best.

  30. While you are all in the midst of chit-chatting about various rumours and other people claiming to have other famous people up their butt…

    Allow me simply to remind you that as of yesterday, the Director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still:
    Tim Burton.

    And cast as Willy Wonka is STILL:
    Johnny Depp.

    – Don’t believe me if you want, research it yourself. I did.

  31. i think johnny depp would make a great willy wonka he is the best actor in the world and he can play any part perfectly… he is the best looking man i have ever seen

  32. So, in case any of you haven’t bothered reading the news… it’s not gonna be Tim’s movie, another director has been assigned. He hasn’t mentioned who’s playing Wonka but he has said that he never even considered Manson. Manson’s spokesperson said the confusion about him being in it, and Tim Burton being the director, came from Marilyn himself mentioning in an interview once that he would like to do it.

  33. Forgive me I was wrong about Johnny running agaings Tim Robbins, it was actually Sean Penn for best actor in Mystic River. Tim Robbins I think was nominated for best supporting actor.

  34. Johnny Depp has been nominated for and Oscar as best actor. I have high hopes. He really does deserve it. However hes running against Tim Robbins and Bill Murray. They both were big at the Golden Globes. Best of luck to ya Johnny.

  35. What the heck… sis(JDF)! That’s my line, and my song!

    Oompa… Oompa… Loompa… Loompa… WILLY WONKA!

    “Johnny Depp has got it going’ on…!” He has got alot going on! Yeah! Onions rock! He, he, he!

  36. When I was just a young boy I remember that I would wear superman capes. My mom and I would run around in circles. My mom had a real laser and every once in a while, my arms would be chopped off. Actually, that only happened twice. I don’t have any arms now. But That’s ok, because I can fly. That is why I believe I deserve this scholarship.

  37. When I think about rainbows, I like to think that we are not alone in this universe, and there is life in other places in this universe. I can tie my shoes now. OOgabooga.

  38. I regret to inform you Johnny Depp fans that he did not win a Golden Globe this year. Hopefully he will eventually. I know he is great and I hope he knows he`s great and doesnt need an award on his mantle to prove it. Thanks for all the hard work

  39. Yah i hear it through a grapevine not much longer would you be mine and i’m just about to lose my mind honey honey YA
    and CCR
    is creedence clearwater revival for those of you not cool enough to know

  40. Johnny Depp has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in a motion picture comedy/musical. The Golden Globes air tonight at 6:00 (Atleast in Utah) When I find out if he wins I will let you know. He deserves it.

  41. I love johnny depp he is one of the most talented actors in the world i liked hi ever since i was 4 and im so serious i have i saw him in benny and joon. I love him so much he is my idol. but i dont get my hopes up over him i just admire him so much. he’s jus2seky. im only 13 but i know a great actor when i see one and he is the best actor i have seen in a long time. orlando is a great actor too but not quite as good as johnny.

  42. One thing I’d like to add about John(by the way, I loved his character in P.O.C.)

    He is such a trend setter…he wears this brown wrist cuff all the time, I’ve seen several photos and screen shots. He’s had it since the movie Platoon. The Man Loves it, and his fans love it even more. I do leather work and I’ve had sooo many people come to me with pics of him wearing it asking, “where can I get one?”

    So ya, a man with his style influences so many people

  43. I totally agree with everything that Jacque says. I mean no doubt Johnny Depp is very attractive, but he is a very talented actor, a great musician, and a loving father. There is more to him than just a pretty face. It’s not like he is god or something. He is human, a person just like you and me. I am sure he would much rather meet a someone that is his fan because they like and appreciate his acting or music, than someone that is his fan just because they think that he is so “hott”. Johnny Depp happens to be a very down to earth guy from what I have read about him and the comments he gives. I personally think he will take on the role for Willa Wonka. I hope he does. That would give him yet again, another character to morph his way into. And I too saw the previews for the Steven King movie, “Secret Window”.


  45. I dont honestly believe your posing as Johnny Depp. 1. EVERYONE knows that willy wonka is going to happen. 2. Do you honestly believe that Johnny wouldnt have anything better to do that come on to a message board started by his fans.

  46. i dont understand these rumors. when i talked to tim burton i didnt hear anything about willy wonka, but i was offered a role in the newest enstallment of FREE WILLY!

  47. I agree that Johnny Depp is Hot, but people tend to forget that he is also an extremely talented actor as well. If I was ever lucky enough to meet Johnny I would probably freak out, however hard I tried not to. Hopefully I could keep my wits about me enough to let him know its not just his looks he`s talented as well. I would probably thank him to, because of him I have the desire to travel. (Because he loves france so much and he said the people are so great)

  48. Yeah Johnny Depp is the fuckin hottest guy alive AND FUCK HE LOOKS FUCKIN HOT IN HIS WILLY WONKA PICTURE! I want him I actually got to meet him best day of my life ~!! hot man he kissed me my god hot hot hot lol thats all i have to say and he is going to be in the second pirates of the caribbean movie thank god!! Jack Sparrow and ORLANDO to hotties my god potc that was the first time i seen Johnny HE IS THE HOTTEST GUY ALivE

  49. Anna is more insane than anyone else here. I would love to have johnny as my life mate and I am his brother. PS: Anna dont laugh at your uncles success dear.

  50. hey guys,

    I have met johnny depp personally as he is my uncle! I went on this website for a laugh with one of my friends to see how obssesed people are with him!! (i really dont know why!!!)
    Anyways i know for a fact he’ll be doing the willy wonka movie and the pirates of the caribeen sequle

  51. I agree that Johnny Depp will be a very good pic for the role, but I am wondering if anyone has hear the rumors of Brad Pitt being any part of this movie?

  52. I cant believe that Marilyn would even be an option for this roll. He does not at all convey the family image that they need. I want to see what he looks like without all his make-up. I think Johnny would be great for the roll hands down. I hope this remake will be just as good as the first one. I think that Johnny will be made up to look right for the part, of course. What I would like to know is where you get your information.

  53. I hope that this movies is closer to the book, and that Burton brings his typical twisted fairytale syle to the movie. Although I think Marilyn Manson would be more suited to the role for my taste, I think that Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and the eccentricity shown in Pirates of the Carribean and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas prove him to be perfect for the role.

  54. Johnny Depp is soooooo unbelieveably sexy… im only 14, and he is 40, but he is just… amazing. Even when he played a weirdo in “Benny and Joon” he was hot! I hope that the role goes to Depp, though i heard the movie wont come out till June or July of 2005… cant wait that long! Lots of my friends think im a loser cause i love Johnny, but I say who cares!? I love his eccentricity and his… mysterious quality. I say whatever movie he ever plays in im THERE!!! :)

  55. Im a big fan of the first movie and I can’t wait for the remake. I thought i would share what info i have gathered.

    Apparently WB has been working on this project for sometime, both Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson were interested in playing Wonka. The WB really wanted Burton to direct but they didn’t think either actor would fit the part. From what I can tell Burton said that it would have to be one of the two or he wouldn’t do it. I read an article with Johnny who said that he’d let the role go to Marilyn (they are bestfriends) because Marilyn has had his eye on the role for a while. The WB didn’t want Marilyn because he doesn’t present the family image they want. From all the quotes and articles ive found it sounds like Burton and Depp plan on making the movie as true to the book as possible. Burtons ideas are rumored to be darker. While I think Johnny is hot no matter what, it looks like he might be made a bit ugly for the role!

  56. I have to agree with Terrie, Jenny that comment was spooky. It`s the characters that we love, not the actual person. Granted if I ran into Johnny Depp on the street I would have a hard time containing my excitement, but please. He is human to. He probably likes the privacy and respect that he deserves. Thats why I say that his Character, Jack Sparrow, is who I am in love with. I am just thankful that Johnny portrayed him so well.

  57. Other than that last comment from spooky Jenny I have to agree that Johnny Depp can make any character. Very Sexy as Jack Sparrow but much more. He has a rare gift and is one of the best actors I have seen in any movie. I too have seen them all by now and most of them we watch again and again.

  58. I don’t know if I want to think of Willy Wonka as hot (I would if delicious, delicious Johnny played him) but Johnny Depp is always at his coolest with Tim Burton…except in Pirates he was beautiful. No one can do scurvy like Depp, here’s to him pulling off the purple top hat and tails…literally!

  59. I agree that nothing will ever top pirates, but it`s more than Johnny being sexy. It was the meaning underneath the actual words that made me fall in love with Pirates, and Jack Sparrow. I love the movie, it was so well done. And because of that I have seen more of Johnny Depps films. He makes me believe the character. I lose myself in the movies. :)

  60. I agree that nothing will ever top pirates, but it`s more than Johnny being sexy. It was the meaning underneath the actual words that made me fall in love with Pirates, and Jack Sparrow. I love the movie, it was so well done. And because of that I have seen more of Johnny Depps films. He makes me believe the character. I lose myself in the movies. :)

  61. Yeah, I think it’s so great that he’s going to play Willy Wonka, but I don’t know if anything will ever top Pirates for his sexiest performance. But I guess its kinda a hard book to adapt because I know it’s for kids, but it’s quite dark in some senses as well. Johnny will be able to bring something to the role that maybe some other actors wouldn’t manage. I praise him. He’s very…praise-worthy.

  62. I think Johnny Depp would be a great actor for Willy Wonka. I have to be honest, I didn`t even know who he was until Pirates of the Caribbean. Now that I have seen most of his movies and learned more about him. I like him all the more. (I still think that Jack Sparrow is the hottest guy I have ever seen. :-) :-)

  63. in Ed Wood johny depp’s character was nothing of camp he was a transvestite
    so i dont understand how you can call him camp. he had the character and the persuasive looks of a salesman which is nothing of camp.

  64. What about the recent rumours doing the rounds touting the amazing Cristopher Walken in the Wonka role? Johnny Depps one hell of a character actor but I forsee a recreation of his role in ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape?’ coupled with his amazingly camp performance in ‘Ed Wood’. This doesn’t excite me too much. Christopher Walken in the title role would indeed be something to behold.

  65. oo i cant wait for it to come out im well excited!! and i think he’ll play willy wonka really good, hes an excellent actor, he can get a real fel about the character he’s playing which makes it more realistic :D

    i also cant wait for he Pirates of the Caribbean sequels…

  66. johnny depp was said to be thinking of marrige to vannessa paradis the french pop singer but in a recent interview he said marrige was just a peice of paper and he calls vanessa his wife already but he said that if vannessa wanted to get hitched he’d do it in a second.
    John would be absolutley faboulas as willy wonker he is a star and a wonderful man so good luck to him for the future.

  67. i heard Johnny has excepted the willy wonka role as him self and Tim Burton are quite
    close after making Ed wood, Edward scissorhands and sleepy hollow. also in an interveiw
    johnny said ‘if Tim Burton asks you to do a film you do it’.
    Willy Wonker proberly will be filmed in 2004 but shown in 2005 as johnny has about
    another three films coming out in 2004 e.g the rum diary, neverland, secret window secret garden.
    i think there is a fourth one but im not sure.

  68. i really hope that this willy wonka remake goes through and johnny depp plays willy wonka because he is a very good actor and always has been and probably always will be.I had some concern though because i heard that they thought that the picture was to dark so they stopped production.I hope that isnt true.If anyone knows if thats wrong or right could u please post it because i’d like to know for sure.

  69. I heard that Burton thought of using Marilyn Manson in a gothic version of the
    book after all he did a great cover of the boat song that was acctually the first
    song from Manson. Johnny Depp is also a singer he was in a band back in the day
    and he sung in John Waters “Cry Baby” and it is the first feature film with Traci
    Lords. Well if any only could pull of a Willy Wonka as good as Gene Wilder it
    would be. Although Nic Cage was a good first choice. Depp does not do movies for
    money anymore if he ever did he does it for the parts and he apparently likes
    working with Mr. Burton

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