GRINDing to a complete halt

GRINDing to a complete halt
In the midst of the great blackout, it seems that most people “forgot” to buy their tickets for the epic skateboarding adventure Grind. The film chronicles a group of young skaters following their favorite skater star on his tour in an attempt to get noticed and become skater stars themselves. What?!?! Didn’t that description stir you into an overwhelming frenzy that leaves you NEEDING to see this film? No? Apparently nobody else did either. I mean come on! Whose idea was this?

Despite the fact that Grind opened in over 2200 theaters (200 more than Open Range did) it appears nobody noticed. Grind was only able to rake in a touch over $2 million on its opening weekend, basically guaranteeing it won’t even hit $8 million in total. WB has lost A LOT of money, and someone at WB is going to lose their jobs.

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