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DiCaprio In Talks For Body Of Lies

News out today about a possible project with Leo and Ridley. The film is to be based on the book “Body Of Lies” The secrets are delivered from our informants at Variety: Leonardo DiCaprio is in early talks to star in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the new David Ignatius novel, … [Read More]

DiCaprio to be in WB’s Enron film

Leonardo DiCaprio has made some handshakes recently with his role in Warner Brother’s new film Conspiricy of Fools, a film about the ill fated energy company Enron. The good people over at give us the dirt: Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming to tell the story of the … [Read More]

Roosevelt by DiCaprio

Another Presidential movie on the way with news from Variety through Coming Soon today that Leonardo DiCaprio is set to take the lead. Paramount Pictures has optioned the Pulitzer Prize-winning Edmund Morris book The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and will develop it for Martin Scorsese to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio … [Read More]