Snow White Gone Kung Fu?

Here’s another one for the so strnage it must be true file, courtesy the good folks at KFC Cinema … Yuen Woo Ping – the man behind the kung fu sequences in The Matrix, Crouching Tiger and Kill Bill – is prepping Golden Dragon for Disney. Yep, as you might … [Read More]

Call Him Linda

File this under ‘So Strange It Must Be True’ … remember those rumblings a while back that Larry Wachowski’s wife was divorcing him because he liked to cross dress? If you’re like me you wrote that off as a bitter woman trying to stir up negative press to help score … [Read More]

More Hellboy Coming Soon!

Director Guillermo Del Toro recently popped up on the Hellboy message boards with news sure to leave fans with a smile … not only did he confirm that the producers are currently in talks with Gonzo Animation Studios (one of Japan’s better animation houses) to produce an anime show centered … [Read More]

Oh, That Wacky Dane …

Danish director Lars Von Trier has long been known for provoking, shall we say, strong reactions from his actors. While filming Dancer in the Dark the man got into such a violent argument with Bjork that it ended with her removing the shirt from her back, cutting it into little … [Read More]

Bad Performances from Good Actors

So that post on Arthur (see below) got me thinking about why exactly it is that I’ve pretty much avoided Fuqua’s last couple of films and the answer is simple enough: one truly, wretchedly bad casting decision in The Replacement Killers. What was otherwise a pretty entertaining film was absolutely … [Read More]

New Arthur Trailer …

Hey … apparently we’ve attracted somebody’s attention because we’re starting to get unsolicited mail from official press-types … John-Boy, you may want to throw a contact email link or two on the front page to make it easier for people to solicit our affection. Anyway …. I’m not a huge … [Read More]

Oooh … Pretty …

Okay. Christian Bale is the best looking Batman ever. Suits the part far, far better than any of the previous incarnations … check these out and then see if you can find it in you to disagree …