Steamboy Trailer

Just realized that despite bringing this film up a few times I have yet to post the link to the trailer. So here it is in glorious Quicktime. Steamboy is the first film from the creator of Akira since that seminal film made waves worldwide with its immense scope and … [Read More]

Anime Gone Live Action

A pair of intriguing, though disturbing, rumors of live action adaptations of Japanese anime productions have surfaced recently … First, the US Sci Fi channel will be adapting Witch Hunter Robin into a tv series to begin airing either in 2004 and 2005. Sci Fi is obviously hoping to tap … [Read More]

Star Wars on DVD

Surpised I haven’t seen this anywhere else yet but all the major online outlets are now accepting preorders for the four disc DVD set of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Discs one through three include the Special Edition versions of the films – Lucas refuses to let anyone see the … [Read More]

Wilbur Wants His DVD

Okay, I know we’ve got at least one Brit reading this thing regularly, so David, this one’s for you … Before I latched on to my current Japanese movie fetish I had a bit of a thing going for the Danes and the Dogme 95 movement, thus I leapt at … [Read More]

Grease 3?

Ok, I have no idea of what to think of this. Apparently Olivia Newton-John and Hugh Jackman are going to be in Grease 3. it looks like going without Travolta. Apparently he’s not so keen to do it anymore, but Olivia Newton-John is. Latest is that the script’s been changed … [Read More]


So I woke up on April Fools day to find that my fiance Amanda had fallen in love with someone else. HELLBOY! She was spouting off trivia about the making of the film, background on the characters and the 6 year process that brought this to the silver screen and … [Read More]