The Simpsons Movie Update

I think this will be the crowning achievement of The Simpsons. No seriously, I really do. I’ve been excited about the concept for a long time, even though I know a lot of people have some serious reservations. Word now is that the production of the movie is being pushed … [Read More]

Phantom of the Opera Clips

This one is going to be great. Like my mom used to say: “Garbage in, garbage out”. When it comes to movies nothing could be more true. You could get the best director, the best actors and the best visual effects in the world… but if you’re starting out with … [Read More]

Up And Running Again

Hey there folks! John here. You may have noticed that the site was down for a few hours today. That’s because we switched hosting companies. The traffic on the site has continued to climb every month to the point that bandwidth was becoming a major concern. Add on top of … [Read More]

Dungeons & Dragons 3

Yes, you read that title right. Somewhere in the world, some brain trust that obviously made they’re money from an inheritance decided to not only produce a sequel to one of the most horrible pieces of cinematic trash you’d ever fear to come across in the bargain bins… but a … [Read More]

Aronofsky Off The Watchmen

It’s funny, I’ve been getting a couple of emails and comments lately about Aronofsky’s attachment to the upcoming “The Watchmen” adaptation. Well, bad news folks… according the the good folks over at AICN it looks like Darren Aronofsky is officially OFF the project. Now, before you get your cheeks soaked … [Read More]