Miike Madness At Artsmagic!

Well, it looks as though Artsmagic’s releases of Full Metal Yakuza and Sabu are just the tip of the iceberg as far as their relationship with Takashi Miike … coming August 31 from Artsmagic is Miike’s Black Society Trilogy – Rainy Dog, Ley Lines, Shinjuku Triad Society – available both … [Read More]

John reviews Spider-Man 2

Cautiously optimistic. That’s the frame of mind that I went into Spider-Man 2 with. I LIKED the first Spider-Man, but I didn’t LOVE it. The advanced reviews of Spider-Man 2 sounded really good‚Ķ but those can sometimes be deceiving. The trailers looked great, but even the trailer for Battlefield Earth … [Read More]

Disney is Full of It

Okay, I’m not making political statements here, but let me get this straight: 1. Disney rejects and won’t distribute Fahrenheit 9-11 – “It has nothing to do with taking sides, we just don’t want to be political.” [Ed Note: We all heard this – It’s complete garbage, but anyway..] 2. … [Read More]

Blade Trinity Trailer Online

The title says it all really … here it is. I’ve enjoyed the first two Blade films but never because of Snipes’ performances. He’s solid but unspectacular in them. So the big questions for me are how are the villains in this one and how are the new actors, particularly … [Read More]