Disney decides on Sonys Blu-ray DVD

The new format DVD battle continues with news that Disney have just aligned themselves with Sony’s Blu-Ray format. The Guardian states that Disney have claimed the following reasons: …because Blu-ray offers higher quality and was backed by most consumer electronics manufacturers. Interestingly the main reason for the move last week … [Read More]

Name these Movies

Hey folks, John here. I love getting these kinds of emails. Darko from Belgium wrote me with a bit of a quiz. He needs to know what 3 movies these pictures come from. Any of you want to take a crak at it? In the comments section, name the film … [Read More]

Shrek 3 set for May 2007

Up until this point, Shrek 3 was set for a November 2006 release date, however, the big decision makers over at Dreamworks have just concluded that a May 2007 date would be a better idea… and they’re right. Summer holds the biggest movie audiences by far. Also, a release in … [Read More]

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 5

AudioDescription=The price of a ticket, price of popcorn, commercials before the show, where the money goes, how the economic structure works with theaters and how this whole mess leads to movie piracy

Talk begins of an Alien 5

Everyone sing hallelujah and praise a belly full of Alien eggs. There is good news to all fans of Aliens (and Predators) everywhere. Dark Horizons captured my eye with the covering of this interview from Now Playing Magazine with Paul W. S. Anderson. Let me leap in: With the success … [Read More]