Wicker Park Reviews

And the award for most wasted potential goes to… Josh Hartnett. Starring in the new Wicker Park, Hartnett looked like he was heading in the right direction following Pearl Harbor, a film in which he was the only real bright spot. But then came the abysmal 40 Days and 40 … [Read More]

Vanity Fair Reviews

It’s been a while since a good period piece has come out. Enter Vanity Fair. Reese Witherspoon has come a long way since Pleasantville and is shaping into a force to be reckoned with. So far the early reviews are mixed on this one. Here’s what some critics are saying: … [Read More]

House of Flying Daggers Review

The Japan Times – an English language Japanese paper – has just published a review of Zhang Yimou’s follow up to Hero – The House of Flying Daggers. They give it four stars while gushing about the art direction and creative stunt work … read the whole review here.

Cafe Lumiere Website and Trailer

Whilst digging about through the Toronto Film Festival schedule today Cafe Lumiere stuck in my head as being somehow important but I couldn’t quite place why until I came across this site. Cafe Lumiere is the latest film from acclaimed director Hou Hsiao-Hsien, the acclaimed Taiwanese director of Millenium Mambo. … [Read More]