GRINDing to a complete halt

GRINDing to a complete halt In the midst of the great blackout, it seems that most people “forgot” to buy their tickets for the epic skateboarding adventure Grind. The film chronicles a group of young skaters following their favorite skater star on his tour in an attempt to get noticed … [Read More]

MY outcomes Ah, picking the

MY outcomes Ah, picking the winners in imaginary fights. Every geeks pastime including sports geeks and book geeks. I enjoy this so much that I hereby decree Thursday to be imaginary matchup day. Every thursday, John, Dave or myself will post an imaginary matchup, and then the other two can … [Read More]

Let the main event begin

Let the main event begin To commemorate the opening of Freddy vs Jason tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to imagine the outcome of a few other movie dream matches. Tell me what you think the results would be in the comments section below. Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) vs. Major … [Read More]

Peter Jackson + King Kong

Peter Jackson + King Kong = Ka-Ching! While I’m not totally convinced of the need to remake King Kong, it is nice to see Peter JAckson get some recognition as a first-class film maker. What am I talking about? Check out for more.