Hide and Seek Reviews

Robert De Niro’s career has totally been in the crapper the last few years. I count 6 totally horrible films in a row. He really needs a good one. Unfortunetly, it doesn’t look like Hide and Seek is it. The reviews for this film aren’t the worst I’ve seen this … [Read More]

Alone in the Dark Reviews

Just when i was starting to wonder if I’d see any reviews this year WORSE than the ones received by Elektra… along come Alone in the Dark. Oh wow… no seriously folks.. this film is getting HAMMERED by the critics from every angle. I was looking forward to catching Christian … [Read More]

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 11

AudioDescription=What we think should happen in X-Men 3, what comic book we would most like to see turned into a film, WWE films and a more discussion of Doug’s upcoming Oscar destined film “The Goats of Oden”

Jon Voight Fires Back At SAG

In an earlier post we mentioned the fact that Jon Voight has been banned from attending the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards, even though he’s nominated, as punishment from the Guild for reducing his level of membership in the organization. Just stupid on the Guilds part. Now, Jon Voight is … [Read More]