The Movie Blog” Audio Edition Vol. 10

AudioDescription=Modern horror movies, the influence of internet pornography on the movie business, the disaster that is Elektra and more. Special sneak peak at Doug Nagy’s new Epic film concept “The Goats of Oden” featuring Bill Cosby

Fantastic Four Trailer Online

You know, as much as I’ve been fearing the suckiness of The Fantastic Four… after seeing the trailer I’ve gotta admit that I’ve got a little optimism for the project again! The good folks over at Rope of Silicon have several sizes of the trailer up for you to choose … [Read More]

WWE Films

We all knew this was coming. Wrestling Czar Vince McMahon has set up his own movie company called WWE Films (appropriate name). Apparently the company will make movies with budgets up to $20 million and will (surprise surprise) feature his wrestling superstars. Now, before we all poo-poo this idea, keep … [Read More]

Batman+Ninjas = JOY

Why is this coolest fricken picture in the fricken whole wide fricken world??? 2 Reasons. 1) Bat-fricken-man. 2) Fricken NINJAS!!! That’s what more movies need today! More fricken NINJAS!!!! Yeah!!!! Ok.. I gotta take a cold shower. :) (John is a happy man)

Die Hard 4 Talk

Yeeehaaawww. Looks like one of my favorite film franchises is still plugging along. After a lot of talk about a Die Hard 4 about a year ago, things have been eerily quiet about it. Now, Bruce Willis has been talking to Maxim Magazine about the project that is already in … [Read More]

Jon Voight Nominated + Not Invited = DUMB

Yes there are rules and regulations to everything, and yes you have to follow those rules and regulations. But sometimes situations arise that obviously call for exceptions to these rules and regulations… like this stupid situation. Jon Voight has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. However, because … [Read More]