Gigli sweeps the Razzies

The Anti-Oscars were handed out today, and Gigli won more than half of the ‚Äúawards‚Äù. Here‚Äôs a rundown: Worst Movie: Gigli, Worst Actor: Ben Affleck (Gigli), Worst Actress: Jennifer Lopez (Gigli), Worst Director: Martin Brest (Gigli), Worst Screenwriter: Martin Brest (Gigli), Worst Screen Couple: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Gigli), … [Read More]

Rodriguez gets Sin-ful …

According to Variety director Robert Rodriguez is set to direct an adaptation of Frank Miller‘s classic Sin City graphic novels – books that Miller had sworn never to sell the rights to. Apparently Rodriguez convinced the man to change his mind by shooting a ten minute short based on the … [Read More]