Films about Mental Health

Lets do a sanity check today. ¬†Check out these films about mental health. Each film discusses mental health from a unique standpoint and portrays the effects of untreated trauma vividly. Films about mental health UNFIT: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP| 2020 [IMDB] Propaganda or Truth? Medical doctors and mental health … [Read More]


NETFLIX & EDUCATE is a whole MOOD! And TMB is here for it! Check out these informational films/TV series below. Quarantine is not yet over and more people than ever have jumped into perfecting their skills, feeding¬†their minds, and sharpening all the tools in the toolbox! Which films have taught … [Read More]

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day June 24th

TMB Celebrates Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day June 24th! “Saint–Jean–Baptiste Day¬†originated from¬†celebrations¬†of the summer solstice, an ancient pagan tradition in which fires were lit to¬†celebrate¬†light on the longest¬†day of the year.”¬† -The Canadaian Encyclopedia And then there was light… and then film! Check out these varying religious film trailers below: God’s Not Dead … [Read More]