Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder Sets the Record Straight on Success

Rebel Moon Box Office

Remember the space opera “Rebel Moon” that dropped on Netflix last year? The one with the epic battles and Snyder’s signature visual style? Well, it turns out there’s been some drama surrounding its viewership, and director Zack Snyder is here to clear the air. Back in March, Snyder got tongues wagging when he claimed that more people streamed “Rebel Moon” than saw the live-action “Barbie” movie in theaters. Ouch! This sparked a heated debate about streaming vs. theatrical releases, with some folks feeling Snyder was dissing the big screen experience.

Here’s the breakdown: Snyder says Netflix told him that his movie racked up around 80-90 million views, which translates to roughly 160 million people watching (assuming two viewers per screen). Doing some Hollywood math (think multiplying viewers by ticket prices), Snyder claims this translates to a potential box office of $1.6 billion – way more than “Barbie” ever made.

Hold Up, Did Snyder Just Diss Movie Theaters?

Snyder recently spoke with Gizmodo to promote the upcoming sequel, “Rebel Moon: Part Two: The Scargiver,” and clarified his earlier comments. He says he was simply basing his claims on the numbers Netflix provided, not trying to downplay the importance of movie theaters. Here’s the twist: Snyder admits that even though more people might have streamed “Rebel Moon,” “Barbie” definitely had a bigger cultural impact. He acknowledges the buzz and excitement surrounding the live-action “Barbie” film, which just goes to show that the big screen still holds a special place in pop culture.

It seems Snyder just wanted to highlight the massive viewership numbers for “Rebel Moon” on Netflix. While streaming might reach a wider audience, theatrical releases can create a whole different kind of buzz. Think about it: how many times did you hear people talking about “Barbie” after it came out? Exactly.

A Boy Wonder’s World

Speaking of buzz, here’s a fun fact for all you movie trivia buffs: “Rebel Moon” actually started life as a concept for a different movie called “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.” This project eventually morphed into its own sci-fi universe, separate from Snyder’s zombie flicks. So, there you have it! The “Rebel Moon” viewership debate is settled (kind of). While streaming might bring movies to a wider audience, theaters can still create a unique cultural phenomenon. Now that “Rebel Moon” has its sequel on the way, one thing’s for sure: the future of this space opera is looking bright!

(Source: Indiewire)

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