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Star Wars The Acolyte

The Acolyte is Bringing the Lightsaber Heat This June!

To Jedi younglings and seasoned Siths alike, gather ’round the holocron ‘cause it’s time to spill some tea about the upcoming Star Wars series, The Acolyte! Get ready to trade in your beige robes for something a tad more high fashion because this ain’t your grandpappy’s Jedi playtime.

Star Wars The Acolyte

We just got a glimpse of what’s to come thanks to a brand new teaser poster, and let me tell you, things are looking a little sus in the galaxy far, far away. We’re talkin’ lightsabers on the fritz, mysterious red stains, and a release date that’ll have you marking your calendars faster than you can say “May the Fourth Be With You!” That’s right, mark your space calendars for June 4th, because that’s when The Acolyte ignites its metaphorical engines on Disney+.

Speaking of ignition, get ready for a trailer drop tomorrow that’ll have your midi-chlorians pumping like a Mos Eisley cantina after happy hour. But wait, there’s more! The Force is strong with the cast of this series. We’re talking heavy hitters like Emmy Award winner Lee Jung-jae (fresh off giving us all a serious case of the Squid Games sweats) and the ever-talented Amandla Stenberg . And that’s not all! They’re joined by a whole squad of galactic gangsters, including Manny Jacinto (because apparently Jason Mendoza can chill with Mandalorians now?), Dafne Keen (Laura from Logan is all grown up and ready to wreck some Sith!), and a slew of other talented beings.

But what’s the story, you ask? Remember those golden days before the Jedi got all political? Yeah, that’s when this story unfolds. We’re following a former Padawan (fancy word for Jedi-in-training) who reunites with her old master to investigate a series of crimes so messed up they’d make even Jabba the Hutt raise an eyebrow. Only problem is, the deeper they dig, the more it feels like they’re poking a Rancor with a lightsaber.

So, what can we expect from The Acolyte? Think shadowy secrets, whispers of the dark side, and enough plot twists to make your Tauntaun spin. This series promises to be a fresh take on the Star Wars universe, one that trades in lightsabers duels for detective work and high-stakes chases through the neon-lit corridors of Coruscant’s underbelly.

So, grab your blasters, dust off your R2 unit, and get ready for a wild ride this June! The Force is telling us you won’t want to miss this one.

May the Force be with you… and may your investigation skills be sharper than a freshly sharpened lightsaber blade.

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