EXCLUSIVE: X-Men ’97 Director on Possible MCU Connections

X-Men 97 Director Jake Castorena Interview

In this exclusive interview with Jake Castorena, the director of the highly anticipated “X-Men ’97” revival series, insights were shared about the show’s purpose and its significance in today’s societal landscape.

Nostalgia with a Purpose

Castorena emphasized that while nostalgia plays a significant role in the revival, it’s not merely a trip down memory lane. He pointed out that the original X-Men animated series was a precursor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), introducing many viewers to the rich tapestry of characters and themes. He acknowledged the importance of embracing the nostalgia factor, especially in today’s entertainment landscape, where a resurgence of interest in 90s aesthetics is evident.

Themes of Prejudice and Dialogue

The core of the X-Men franchise has always been its allegory for prejudice, and Castorena stressed that this revival series would continue to explore those themes. He highlighted the importance of dialogue and understanding, especially in a divided world where differing viewpoints often lead to conflict. One of the key messages of the show, as exemplified by Magneto’s line, “coexistence is messy,” is the acknowledgment that true growth comes from listening and understanding each other’s perspectives.

Artistic Integrity and Collaboration

X-Men '97 first episode still.
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While the MCU and the “X-Men ’97” series exist in separate sandboxes, Castorena expressed openness to potential collaborations in the future. However, he emphasized the importance of maintaining the artistic integrity of the series and its unique narrative sandbox. He reiterated that while the MCU might have its goals, the purpose of “X-Men ’97” is to provide compelling storytelling that resonates with audiences old and new.

A Platform for Meaningful Dialogue

Castorena expressed his pride in being part of a series that encourages meaningful dialogue and introspection. He believes that “X-Men ’97” has the potential to spark important conversations about tolerance, understanding, and coexistence. As an artist and storyteller, he sees the show as a platform to explore complex themes while embracing the nostalgia that made the original series beloved by fans.

In essence, “X-Men ’97” promises to be more than just a nostalgic trip—it’s a journey into the heart of what makes the X-Men universe timeless and relevant in today’s world.

Through insightful interviews like this one, fans can gain a deeper understanding of the creative vision behind the series and the impact it aims to make in the broader cultural landscape. As excitement builds for the release of “X-Men ’97,” audiences can look forward to experiencing a revival that honors the past while paving the way for new and thought-provoking narratives.

Marvel Animation’s X-Men ’97 Interview:

X-MEN '97 Marvel Animation Marvel Studios
X-MEN ’97, exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 MARVEL.

Director: Jake Casterano
Writer(s): Beau DeMayo
Stars: Jennifer Hale, Ray Chase, Alison Sealy-Smith, Cal Dodd, George Buza, A.J. LoCascio, Holly Chou
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