A Simple Favor 2 Gets Fancy in Capri

A Simple Favor 2 Cast

Remember that twisty, hilarious movie “A Simple Favor” with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively? Well, get ready for another round of murder, mayhem, and maybe some overpriced wedding cake, because a sequel is officially happening! Mark your calendars and get your fascinators ready, because things are about to get wild in Capri, Italy.

Deadline spilled the tea two years ago that a sequel was brewing, but now it’s officially official. Amazon MGM Studios is bringing the whole gang back together, including director Paul Feig and the original cast. That means we get to see Anna Kendrick reprise her role as the quirky Stephanie Smothers, and Blake Lively back as the seemingly perfect Emily Nelson. Henry Golding (hello, eye candy!), Andrew Rannells, Bashir Salahuddin, Joshua Satine, Ian Ho, and Kelly McCormack are also returning, so basically, it’s gonna be a party.

Lionsgate Crashes the Wedding

Remember that crazy rich ex-husband from the first movie? Lionsgate is co-producing this sequel, so get ready for some serious high-society drama. The first movie made a killing at the box office, raking in a cool $97 million, so it’s no surprise they’re jumping back on board. Cameras are already rolling this spring, and the plan is to release the movie on Amazon Prime Video in a whopping 240 countries!

This time around, Stephanie and Emily are ditching the suburbs and jetting off to the stunning island of Capri for Emily’s extravagant wedding to a rich Italian businessman. Sounds fancy, right? Wrong! Because with these two, things never go according to plan. Expect murder, betrayal, and enough plot twists to make your head spin. Think “The Talented Mr. Ripley” meets “Wedding Crashers,” with a dash of “Bridesmaids” thrown in for good measure.

The Dream Team Behind the Scenes

The script is being penned by Jessica Sharzer, who wrote the first movie, so you know the witty dialogue and killer twists will be on point. Oscar-nominated director Paul Feig is back in the driver’s seat, so expect his signature blend of humor and suspense. Basically, this sequel has all the makings of a major hit.

While we wait for the wedding bells (and inevitable drama) to ring out in Capri, here’s what the cast has been up to:

  • Anna Kendrick: This multi-talented actress is making her directorial debut with the Netflix film “Woman of the Hour,” while also starring in and producing the movie.
  • Blake Lively: She’s starring in the film adaptation of the bestselling novel “It Ends With Us,” and is also gearing up to make her feature directorial debut.
  • Henry Golding: This heartthrob is currently filming season two of Hulu’s “Nine Perfect Strangers.”
  • Basically, this cast is booked and busy, but they all cleared their schedules for a trip to Capri (and maybe a little on-screen murder).

Mark Your Calendars, Drama Lovers!

“A Simple Favor 2” is shaping up to be an epic follow-up to the first film. With its killer cast, hilarious script, and exotic location, this movie is a must-watch for fans of dark comedies and anyone who appreciates a good plot twist (or ten). Keep an eye out for more updates, and get ready to witness the return of Stephanie and Emily!

(Source: Deadline)

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