Trolls Band Together Review: A Colorful Yet Forgettable Journey

Trolls Band Together (2023).

Trolls Band Together had all the ingredients to be an entertaining addition to the Trolls franchise—a star-studded cast, vibrant animation, and a promising premise. However, despite its colourful facade and catchy musical numbers, the film fails to capture the magic of its predecessors, resulting in one of the most forgettable movies of the entire year so far. Kids may find the movie mildly amusing, but even still, it’s hard not to imagine kids wishing they were just watching the first couple of movies instead of this one. Read on for my complete Trolls Band Together review.

The Bad About This Trolls Band Together Review:

Trolls Band Together (2023).

One of the film’s major shortcomings lies in its narrative execution. The plot, which revolves around Poppy and Branch rescuing Floyd and reuniting Branch’s disbanded boyband, lacks depth and feels predictable. The story unfolds in a formulaic manner, with little surprises or twists to engage the audience. The film’s attempt to blend adventure, comedy, and emotional moments falls flat, as it struggles to strike a balance between these elements. The emotional scenes lack genuine depth, often feeling forced and disconnected from the overall storyline.

Another letdown is the characterization. Despite the talented voice cast, the characters feel one-dimensional and stereotypical. Queen Poppy, voiced by Anna Kendrick, remains the same optimistic and bubbly character we’ve seen in the previous films, with no significant growth or development. Branch, portrayed by Justin Timberlake, also doesn’t show much evolution, sticking to his overly cautious nature without exploring new facets of his personality. The introduction of new characters like Viva, played by Camila Cabello, and Branch’s brothers, voiced by Eric André and Kid Cudi, fails to bring freshness to the story, as they are underdeveloped and lack memorable traits.

While the musical numbers in the film are undeniably catchy and well-choreographed, they lack the innovation and creativity seen in the previous Trolls movies. The songs, while enjoyable, don’t leave a lasting impact and lack the infectious energy that made the franchise’s music a standout feature. Additionally, the film’s attempts at humour often fall into predictable and juvenile territory, failing to cater to a wider audience or deliver clever, witty jokes for both children and adults.

The Good Parts Of This Trolls Band Together Review: 

Trolls Band Together (2023).

Trolls Band Together maintains the colourful and vibrant animation style that made the franchise so popular, which is definitely a big plus. The Trolls world is visually appealing, filled with bright hues and imaginative designs. However, the visual spectacle alone cannot compensate for the film’s lacklustre story and character development.

In terms of voice acting, the cast delivers competent performances, but the uninspired dialogue and lack of character depth limit their ability to shine. Even the addition of talented newcomers like Daveed Diggs, Amy Schumer, and Andrew Rannells doesn’t elevate the overall voice-acting experience, as their characters are not given enough substance to leave a lasting impression.

Thankfully though, Kendrick is once again the big standout of the voice cast. Although her character wasn’t fleshed out the way she should have, it’s always a huge pleasure to see another movie where Kendrick gives her all. To be honest, she’s way too talented for a franchise of this calibre, and I can only hope that I get to see her do more incredible voicework down the road.


Trolls Band Together review talks about how the movie may entertain very young viewers with its colourful animation and catchy songs. Still, for anyone seeking a film that offers a compelling story, well-developed characters, and memorable humour, this installment falls short of expectations. Despite the efforts of the talented cast, the film struggles to capture the charm and magic of its predecessors, making it a forgettable entry in the Trolls franchise.

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Trolls Band Together Review: A Colorful Yet Forgettable Journey
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