The DCU Supergirl: Top 3 Actresses Who Could Play the Role

Superman is getting a rebooted glow-up in the upcoming DC Universe, but all eyes are on the casting of Supergirl. DCU is on a quest to find the most fitting actress who will get to be a part of the new mega project. 

James Gunn is kicking the DCU off with Superman: Legacy and it’s the first installment of the series remake and he’s taking things up a notch. Expected to be released on July 11th, 2025, Superman: Legacy is Man of Steel, but better and newer. Of course, Dunn hasn’t forgotten about the female version of the titular superhero, Kara Zor-El, and her debut reboot film, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and he is already on the hunt for finding the perfect actress to play Supergirl. 

According to James Dunn, Supergirl’s life will be a complete 180, from that of Superman. Where Clark Kent was taken care of on Earth and had a normal life with loving parents, Supergirl was raised on the remains of Krypton and watched everyone she loved, being mercilessly killed. So, circumstances have made her understandably weary and reclusive yet determined for revenge and to serve justice.

Here are the top actresses that are rumored to play Supergirl in the upcoming DC Universe installment. 

Milly Alcock

Milly Alcock

Milly Alcock played the unforgettable Rhaenyra Targaryen in the 2022 fantasy series, House of the Dragon.  She has also starred in the theater, The Crucible, so things are looking up for this seasoned yet young Australian actress. Milly’s versatility makes her one of the strongest contenders for this role. She also has a striking resemblance to the comic character which makes her quite suitable for the role.

Emilia Jones

Emilia Jones

Emilia Jones is another top pick for the role of Supergirl. At 21 years old, Emilia has been featured in an Academy Award-winning movie, CODA, as Ruby Rossi and she has also starred in the very famous horror fantasy Netflix series, Locke and Key, as the prominent Kinsey Locke. With all of these roles, she has proven herself to be a competitive and flexible actress, ready to take on more character-central roles. For someone who hasn’t been a part of a ground-breaking project that may shape her image in Hollywood, Kara Zor-El is the perfect role to play.

Meg Donnelly

Meg Donnelly

Last but not least, Meg Donnelly has also been offered to test out for the role of Supergirl. Meg has starred in the infamous ABC sitcom, American Housewife, the Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, and Disney’s Zombies and its sequels, Meg Donnelly has the upper hand in the trio because she has recently been voiced as, none other than, Supergirl in Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One. The animated movie is about to be released in 2024. Having such a strong association with the DC universe, she is a shoo-in. Her on-screen presence is very captivating. And with that, it may be about time she owns the character completely by bringing it to life in the cinema. 

Even though the release of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is still far away, DC fans are excited about the new details coming to light. We’ll have to play the waiting game for a little longer.  Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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