KGF – Chapter 3 Announcement: “Rocky Bhai” Will Return!

He destroyed his competition. He protected the poor and the needy. He was the guardian of his workers, the invincible emperor of the Kolar Gold Fields! We are eagerly waiting for Rocky Bhai to rise from his ocean grave. In KGF Chapter 2’s climax, we witnessed Rocky drowning as his ship sank in the stormy ocean. But the legacy of the most wanted and dangerous mafia leader on earth is yet to unfold.

A teaser celebrating the first anniversary of KGF Chapter 2 has been released by its production house, Hombale Films. The teaser gives us some hints that Rocky Bhai will return to the big screens to fulfill the promise that he had given to his mother.

KGF – Chapter 2 Anniversary Teaser:

The teaser takes us back to the memories of KGF Chapter 2, where it shows several violent instances from this unparalleled and thrilling action movie. Apart from all the sequences shown, the ending of the teaser keeps us wondering by portraying a new unfolding chapter of the mysterious “El Dorado” novel.

The teaser is engrossed with intense gun action, mighty bomb blasts, and enthralling scenes! Certain instances in it give us hints that KGF Chapter 3 is coming up. As the teaser proceeds, it raises questions like “Where was Rocky from 1978-1981?” And of course, it also tells us that “The mother of all collisions is yet to be witnessed”.

A still from KGF 2
Naveen Kumar Gowda a.k.a Yash as “Rocky Bhai”, the legend of the KGF Franchise!

At the end of the celebration teaser, it is clearly mentioned that Rocky will keep the promise that he had given to his mother. At the very end, you will also see the number “3” pop up. So that gives us all hints! We are now eagerly waiting for the heroic yet villainous Rocky Bhai, who is presumed to be dead, to return with violence in KGF Chapter 3.

Talking about Rocking Star Yash, what an impressive personality he carries in the character of Rocky Bhai! I am saying so, and even KGF Chapter 2’s lead villain Sanjay Dutt has admitted this. As per reports, KGF Chapter 3 will begin production by 2025. “Violence, Violence, Violence”, and I am waiting for it!

Violence Will Be Redefined As The Legacy Of The Daredevil Gold Mafia Leader “Rocky Bhai” Will Be Continued! A Sequel To The Box Office Monster KGF Chapter 2, KGF Chapter 3, Is Expected On The Big Screens!

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