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Final Destination 6 Directors Reconfirmed at Cinemacon

We’re finally getting some more information about Final Destination 6! You may remember that we first reported on this project back in January 2022 when director Jon Watts attached his name to the project. Since that time all has been quiet but that all ends now that Cinemacon is in full swing!

The Final Destination film series is a horror franchise that began in 2000. The franchise revolves around a group of people who cheat death after surviving a catastrophic event. However, they soon discover that death is coming for them in the order they would have died. The group must try to outsmart and evade death’s design to save themselves and their loved ones. The series consists of five films, each with its unique set of characters and gruesome death scenes. Each of the films is tied together by the common thread of escaping death’s plan. With its signature blend of suspense, gore, and creative death scenarios, the Final Destination series has become a cult classic among horror fans.

First up we’re learning that Final Destination 6 has reconfirmed directors with FREAKS co-directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein joining the project as directors. The word online is that the duo was on a long list of 200 directors up for the gig. These two won the sought-after gig by faking their deaths in their Zoom call with studio execs.

Now I love this and I would love to see the footage from this Zoom call. Cinemacon is in full swing with a lot of news making its way online from the event and this tidbit from Final Destination is much appreciated. It’s been a long time since Jon Watts got attached as writer and executive producer so I am really happy to hear some new developments from this project.

What is your favorite final destination movie? 2 is the one that still keeps me driving in my lane but I hear that 5 was also really good.

Let me know…

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