The Bad Batch Season 2: How The Imperial Senate Was Star Wars Most Dangerous Weapon

Star Wars Imperial Senate Featued.

Politics has always been a part of the Star Wars universe. Despite what many fans might say online. One of the greatest things that Star Wars has done outside of the original trilogy, is showcase just how a political union based on the goodwill of the people, can succumb to the evil we see in those first Star Wars movies. The prequel trilogy, for all its criticisms, further expanded on that aspect of the franchise; the politics. Continuing on that tradition, the role of the Star Wars Imperial Senate in the galaxy is finally explained in The Bad Batch season 2. At least, briefly.

Please note that the following will contain spoilers for The Bad Batch season 2, up until episode 8, titled Truth And Consequences.

Star Wars Refreshed Through The Eyes Of Omega

Star Wars Imperial Senate Omega.
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While The Bad Batch is interesting due to its badass group of rogue clones with personality, it’s also a great entry point for casual audiences. While I’ve previously argued that Andor is the way to do so, The Bad Batch does the same for younger audiences through the character of Omega. As a clone not fully versed in the world of politics, battles and nuances, Omega experiences it all for the first time. And through her, audiences get exposition and face the reality of what is happening in the galaxy post-Order 66 and the eventual rise of the true Empire.

The Bad Batch season 2 is furthering that agenda with even more details of how The Empire, even after Order 66, gradually made its way to the evil and oppressive regime that we see in Star Wars: A New Hope. And a lot of that happens in the Galactic— I mean, Imperial Senate in Star Wars.

Star Wars Most Dangerous Weapon

Star Wars Imperial Senate climax.
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During episode 8 of season 2 of The Bad Batch, Senator Chuchi (Jennifer Hale) explains to Omega (Michelle Ang) during her first time in the Senate, that this is “where the future of the Galaxy is decided, for better or worse.” These words ring even truer as we actually see just how matters of legislation play out in the Senate. While the Star Wars Imperial Senate may seem like a boring thing from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, it’s probably the most dangerous tool Palpatine has at his disposal. And in The Bad Batch season 2, we see just how he does that.

Keep in mind, at this point in the Galaxy, there is still hope. Not everyone sees the Empire as this overtly evil thing. The Emperor and his administration still have to toe the line of seeming like they are doing good for the galaxy, while furthering their oppressive agenda. So when th good guys expose Vice Admiral Rampart’s (Noshir Dalal) plans, Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) steps and wields his Senate weapon.

How Palpatine Used The Star Wars Imperial Senate For Evil

Star Wars Imperial Senate Chuchi
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When Senator Chuchi, along with the help of The Bad Batch, exposed Rampart’s destruction of Kamino City and its cloning facilities, Palpatine used this to his advantage. While everyone found out that Rampart was a mass murderer, Palpatine used this to further his own agenda. He used Rampart as a scapegoat, a rogue in his administration, but also associated the Clone Troopers with him. He used this act as an example of how the Clones are just as bad for following his orders, which further necessities the need for a non-Clone army of the Empire.

In the end, Palpatine got what he wanted, which was swaying the Senate to pass legislature for the creation of an army not made up of Clones. He got his endgame. And it’s probably the greatest example of how Palpatine eventually fully transitioned into becoming the Emperor, ruling freely of his own will, after he eventually disbands the Senate. While the Death Star was the most destructive weapon the Empire created, in many ways, Palpatine’s manipulation of the Imperial Senate caused more damage to the galaxy in the long run.

The Bad Batch season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

What did you think of this episode that showed us just how the Emperor used the Senate to further his agendas? Let me know in the comments below.

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