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Polite Society Trailer: A Pakistani Female-Led Action Comedy?? Yes, Please!

While not initially on my radar at all, Polite Society is now one of my most anticipated movies of the year! The feature film debut of director Nida Manzoor debuted at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and looks to release wide later this year. But the Polite Society trailer is arguably the best thing I’ve seen so far this year. An action comedy about two Pakistani-British sisters kicking ass and taking names is absolutely a must-watch! Read on to find out why.

The Polite Society Trailer Is The Best Thing Ever

A story about a Pakistani young woman with aspirations of becoming a stuntwoman, the Polite Society trailer becomes so much more than that. The trailer establishes the heartwarming relationship between the two sisters played by Ritu Arya (The Umbrella Academy) and Priya Kansara (Bridgerton). Then introduces a wrench in the proceedings, in the form of a douchey man that the older sister (Arya) is seeing. Upset about it, the younger sister (Kansara) discovers some kind of evil about the man and his family. Vowing to save her sister, the young aspiring stuntwoman takes it upon herself to defeat this evil. With the help of her rag tag friends.

It’s so ridiculously over the top that it looks like so much fun. The dynamic between the sisters feels genuine and so the stakes feel earned. While the Polite Society trailer doesn’t reveal a lot about the story,— like what is the threat or how are they evil— it gives us just enough to get us excited and anticipate the movie that much more.

Pakistani Women Doing Martial Arts At A Wedding!?

Polite Society trailer Priya.

Image via Focus Features.

What’s unique about the Police Society trailer is just how many never-before concepts they are mashing up. Sure, action comedies aren’t new. But a Pakistani female-led action-comedy is kind of unheard of. It’s a movie that clearly revels in the homages to martial arts films, genre films and misadventures in teen comedies that it’s derived from.

But having the leads be South Asian women who are defying every convention of being a woman in that culture, is another thing that makes this trailer incredible! Over the years we’ve gotten movies about South Asian women who aspire to be more while reconciling their Western ideals with their traditional upbringing. Bend It Like Beckham did it in 2002 with a young woman wanting to be an athlete. And more recently, Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel did the same, but in a more superhero setting. So seeing Polite Society’s women kicking ass and taking names is a new idea that is extremely exciting.

Polite Society releases on April 28, 2023, in theatres.

What did you think of the Police Society trailer? Are you excited to see these women defying gravity and kicking butt? Let me know in the comments below.

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