The Batman 2 announcement official from Warner Bros.

The Cinemacon announcements are continuing and this time the news is coming from Warner Bros. We’re learning that The Batman 2 is official and will see the return of Robert Pattinson as our Dark Knight. The news comes from IndieWire:

Gotham’s hero is back with a vengeance as “The Batman 2” is officially greenlit at Warner Bros. Robert Pattinson will re-don the Caped Crusader cowl and eyeliner again in the titular role, as the studio confirmed during Tuesday night’s Las Vegas CinemaCon presentation.

Warner Bros. Discovery announced the sequel to the 2022 hit that has earned the company $760 millon globally. Also announced is Matt Reeves’ return to direct the follow-up film, which will expand upon Warner Bros.’ sprawling Gotham universe.

Plot details remain under wraps.

This is awesome news. Matt Reeves told a pretty complete story with The Batman and closed the story of The Riddler. There is the possibility for the The Batman 2 to explore the new relationship between The Joker and The RIddler.

We know that there’s an upcoming HBO Max spinoff starring Colin Farrell’s The Penguin that will offer more stories in Gotham. There’s also chat about the spinoff specifically about the Arkham Asylum. I hope the news expands further and we also see the return of Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman.

That’s all I have for this one.

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