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I’ve been a video content creator for the past six years. I can tell you that the biggest bane of that process is the video editing that can take hours to even days to complete a project. It’s a tiring and grueling process that can really take a toll on you over the years. To top that off, the cost to hire a quality video editor can often times be rather high. Even if you’re a monetized content creator, sometimes your video project may not even earn enough to pay for a good video editor to do a single project. After searching high and low, I think I’ve finally come across the perfect solution.

There’s a new website called Type Studio that seeks to remedy many of the issues that come with editing videos. This software will allow you to edit your videos, by editing your text.

How Type Studio Works:

I tried this out and I have to say it’s pretty simple. You just upload the video that you want to edit. A window will pop up with your video on one side, and the transcribed text on the other. Then, all you have to do is edit the text (just like editing a Word document) and the video automatically will be edited as you go. It’s really just that simple.

Video editing is the main feature that drew me into Type Studio, however, the platform offers many more features. I was really surprised to find out that it had this much more to offer.

Add Subtitles To Your Video

Subtitles are a great way to make your videos standout. However, many of the online platforms use auto subtitle features that don’t always get it right. With Type Studio, you can add subtitles to your video and the process is really easy. What I liked the most about this is that I could modify my subtitles as I edit my video all in the same process. This way I was able to edit both my videos and subtitles in a much more time efficient way.

Translate Videos

When you’re creating content, often times you may have viewers who speak different languages. A great way to reach those audiences is to have your subtitles translated into various languages. Type Studio will give you both the transcription and subtitles translated into many different languages.

Podcast Editing

Just like video editing, podcast editing can be equally as challenging. Type Studio has this covered as you can also upload your audio files to the site, and edit them via text as well. This makes the editing process go by in a breeze with how simple and efficient the software edits the audio files.

Final Takeaway

Type Studio is a fantastic option for content creators. I loved how user friendly the platform was and efficiency in editing. This platform is not a replacement for the heavy duty video editors out there. I’d say this would be ideal for beginners to moderate users. Although, even if you’re on a pro-level, you can still save a ton of time and work by using Type Studio as the initial step in your editing process.

There is one drawback with Type Studio, and that is with its offering on the upload capacity per file. Right now, it seems as though 1-1.5 GBs is the maximum size for a video file to be uploaded. As many content creators know, video file sizes can far exceed that capacity; especially if you’re dealing with HD quality. Hopefully Type Studio exceeds that limitation so that it can be more accommodating to content creators who make longer videos.

I would recommend using the free option first just to get a feel for how the program works. However, odds are, you’ll quickly see just how useful this software can really be. Type Studio does offer various pricing options and plans. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s still significantly cheaper than hiring a video editor.

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