How Watching Films Provides an Emotional Release and Helps Mental Health

Watching a film provides many mental health benefits. It depends on what type of movie you’re viewing, but it can help you feel emotions regardless of the genre. For example, some people love to laugh and prefer romantic comedies, while others love to watch suspenseful films. It’s crucial that you choose a movie that makes you feel something you’re comfortable experiencing. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and have an unpleasant experience. Nevertheless, movie-watching is a wonderful way to engage your senses. Here is how films provide an emotional release.

Comedies provide a laugh and escape

Comedies are a lot of fun. People have the chance to escape their lives. If you need a laugh, a comedy will take you out of your head. Comedies can be a great break from depression. When you’re experiencing depression, your mind is focusing on negative thoughts. You’re struggling to get by during the day. When you watch a comedy, your brain gets a break from the barrage of negativity. Laughing creates serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which are happy hormones. You can escape into the quirky characters of a comedy and feel good.

Dramas provide catharsis or emotional release

If you’re sad about your life, and you watch a drama where someone’s life is worse off than yours, you start to think, “I’m complaining about my life when this person’s life is worse than I have it. Another reason to watch dramas is that they can provide a catharsis. That means “emotional release.” You escape into the intensity of the characters and their stories. It helps take your mind off what’s happening in your life.

Mystery movies provide people with a puzzle to solve

People love to watch mysteries because they engage the logical or problem-solving part of the brain. It’s a puzzle that you have to figure out. Maybe you’re bored with your life and need some excitement. You’re wondering, “who’s the killer?” You become invested in the story and get excited about discovering the truth. Even if you know who the murderer is at the start of the film, you still get to find out how the killer will get caught.

Horror films

Some individuals love the adrenaline they get when they watch a horror movie. Horror films provide the element of surprise. These movies leave the viewer on the edge of their seat. The films use suspenseful or anticipatory music to leave the watcher frightened to know what happens next. If you see a horror flick in the theater, the audience is collectively scared together. You might scream at the same time when the killer pops out from behind a door or shower curtain. Horror movies provide a sense of excitement and emotional thrill.

A word of caution about films

It’s crucial to know your triggers before watching a movie. Maybe you can’t stand to watch horror movies because you have anxiety. Perhaps certain dramatic films are too much for your emotional state. Some movies come with trigger warnings. You can prepare yourself for what’s to come. There could be some films that have violence or sexual assault in them and they warn the viewer at the beginning. Today, movie makers are more cautious about adding these warnings. However, sometimes you’re not prepared for what’s to come. If you notice yourself becoming upset during a movie and your mental health is suffering, it’s okay to stop it. If you’re at home, turn off your TV or computer. If you’re at the movies, it’s okay to leave the show. Your mental health is more important than finishing a film that upsets you.

Talking about an emotional release in therapy

Films are an excellent way to explore what matters to you. Maybe you find a movie that sparks something in your mind. You’re reminded of an event in your life you want to discuss with a therapist. Perhaps you endured something similar to one of the characters, and it helps you heal. Therapy is an excellent place to discuss these issues. You can talk about emotional challenges in therapy. Whether you meet with a counselor online or in your neck of the woods, you can get the support you need. Learn more about therapy at MyTherapist.


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