“Crop Circle Realities” (2021): What is the Real Square Deal?

Crop circles have been a confounding phenomena for decades. Historical evidence even suggests that these intricate farmland formations may have been in evidence as far back as the late 1600s.

The new documentary “Crop Circle Realties”, available now on iTunes and Google Play, generates more questions than it answers. Primarily because at present there are no answers. Someone, or something, is flattening down segments of crop fields into stunningly meticulous shapes and patterns. Some of this agrarian artwork has been exposed to be elaborate hoaxes, with the perpetrators themselves copping to such shenanigans.   Others, however, have not been so conveniently dismissed.

Having watched “Crop Circle Realties”, here are some among many puzzling points this reviewer pines away pondering:

  1. Why are most of the world’s known crop circles manifesting in fields throughout the UK? Perhaps the creators are Big Earl Grey sippers?
  1. These formations are apparently always fashioned in the dark of night. Yet there is no mention in the film of any effort to strategically erect cameras in an effort to potentially capture those responsible for these acts in the act.   Why not?
  1. The movie tells us that, although these crops are mashed down during circle making, none of the plants actually die. This remarkable oddity, along with the manner in which the formations are actually manufactured, purportedly cannot be explained neither scientifically nor technologically in terms of anything known to, or made by, mankind.
  1. The suggestion that alien life forces are behind crop circles runs rampant. However, if this is some manner of coded messaging being relayed from galaxies far, far away, most researchers seem to believe that they are communications of a benevolent nature. And that the end game, whatever that may be, is imminent now.

If this be the case, do you think our interplanetary visitors can circle their date of arrival for us?

It’d just be nice to know when to expect company.

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"Crop Circle Realities" (2021): What is the Real Square Deal?
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"Crop Circle Realities" (2021): What is the Real Square Deal?

Do you think our interplanetary visitors can circle their date of arrival for us?

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