Top Three Dating Movies to Watch on a Movie Date

Finding good date movies is never an easy task. The perfect date movie should always be a movie your partner will actually like too, not just you. After all, you do not want to be excited about the movie, just to realize your partner finds it boring and falls asleep in half an hour.  Great date movies are usually heartwarming, slightly romantic and they will surely bring the smiles on the faces to the both of you. While finding such a movie might seem very complicated, we have come up with three perfect ones that will surely bring lots of fun to many couples out there. If you are into online dating, try watching some of these movies on a date night of your choosing, and see how far it can get you.

The Notebook

The Notebook might not feature any superhero couples we all find so awesome, but two people who fall in love and end up separated due to their social differences. It is one of those movies many couples out there can relate to. Even men seem to enjoy watching The Notebook simply because it is filled with great quotes, heartwarming moments and has a great story. The Notebook is a romantic drama movie made back in 2004. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams both did an amazing job representing two people falling in love in the 1940s.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a movie we all heard of, but not all of us really ended up watching it. However, this movie is timeless and is a great American romantic comedy which surely deserves a spot on the list of best date movies you need to see with your significant other. This movie speaks of a businessman who looks for an escort for some of the social events he has to attend. He ends up hiring a prostitute who not only turns out to be the best escort he could have wished for, but also the person he falls in love with. Pretty Woman is a movie featuring an awesome cast – Julia Roberts and Richard Gere really did make it outstandingly good due to their acting talent.

Dirty Dancing

If you enjoy great dancing moves, romance, and good music, Dirty Dancing will surely be a movie for the two of you. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey have made this movie a timeless summer love story and it is one of those stories we will simply never forget. Dirty Dancing is considered to be a cult classic, it is a fantastic, rather old movie (1987.) we have all seen at least once and we somehow, always end up watching it again after a few years. Who would not like watching a movie about sweet daddy’s girl meeting a dancing instructor who ends up changing her life to the fullest? These two really know the definition of true love, so watching this movie with your partner might actually turn out to be an amazing idea!


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