Modern Casino Movies all Gamblers Should Watch

If you’re a keen gambler, when you aren’t hitting the casinos are enjoying a few games on online poker at home, you may be interested in enjoying modern casino movies instead? Casino movies have been enjoyed for decades and when you consider how many of them are considered to be cult classics it’s easy to see why. As enjoyable as betting and gambling can be, sometimes it’s nice to relax and watch somebody else do the gambling instead, whilst you relax on your sofa after a long and tiring day. If gambling movies are your cup of tea, here’s a look at several modern casino movies all gamblers should watch.




The first movie on our list is the aptly titled ‘Casino’. This movie is classic Scorsese on his absolute finest form. Released back in 1996, Casino stars Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci and tells the tale of a mob-run casino in Vegas. Casino is typical Scorsese and does not hold back on the violence and brutality. It is very much a tale of two cities, despite being set solely in Vegas. On one hand you have the bright lights, the glitz, and the glamour of the Las Vegas gambling scene, while on the other you have the seedy, violent, and disturbing undertones of the organized Vegas crime world.


Casino Royale

Casino Royale was Daniel Craig’s very first introduction as James Bond, and what a way to make your debut! Casino Royale sees Bond entering a high-stakes, winner-takes-all games of Poker against the evil and sinister Le Chiffre, played by the brilliant Mads Mikkelson. Le Chiffre acts as a banker for some of the world’s top terrorist organizations, yet he finds himself with money troubles and in debt to some shady people. He intends to enter the high stakes poker game in a bid to win back his money and pay off his debts before escaping. Bond’s goal is to prevent Le Chiffre from winning, ultimately forcing him to seek asylum in the UK to escape the terrorists, where he can be arrested and brought to justice. Any gambling enthusiast would love this movie as the Texas Hold’em poker scenes are shot perfectly.


The Hangover


Whereas so far, the modern casino movies we’ve listed have been intense and violent, The Hangover changes the pace and brings something decidedly more calming and hilarious to the poker table. The Hangover stars Bradley Cooper, Zak Galifianakis, and Ed Helms and tells the tale of four friends heading to Vegas for the ultimate bachelor party. Three of the four friends wake up with no recollection of the night before, and no sign of the groom-to-be. They try to piece events the night before together bit by bit in truly hilarious fashion. Whilst there isn’t a great deal of gambling in The Hangover, it certainly does a wonderful job of portraying the magnificence

  • Acting - /10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - /10
  • Plot/Screenplay - /10
  • Setting/Theme - /10
  • Watchability - /10
  • Rewatchability - /10
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