Spider-Man Homecoming Reactions

I saw it. I loved it. But one thing stood out above all in this trailer for Spider-man Homecoming and that’s how we got a great look at Peter’s home made Spider-Man costume and my gosh my inner Fanboy is geeking the F*** OUT! First thing’s first.

The Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming is now 100 % predictable. Spider-man is high on life after working with Tony stark in the whole Civil War thing and is trying to make his mark on the city. Peter tries to take on the vulture. The Vulture almost kills a ferry full of people which Peter almost fails to prevent if not for the help of Tony Stark.  Tony Stark takes back the suit so Peter dons his original home made costume again when fighting crime. Peter will then likely take on the Vulture, without his new suit, and prove that he’s a hero without it. Tony offers to make him another suit and Peter says ‘screw it’ and makes a final Spider-Man suit without Tony’s help or money and changes his perspective on being a team player.

The Costume

Spider-Man: HomecomingFrom now on, we refer to this costume for what it really is. Marvel has brought the Scarlet Spider costume to the Marvel Cinematic universe here in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Who’s the Scarlet spider you ask? Long story short, he’s a 90’s clone of Peter Parker within the Spider-Man comics and wore a remarkable costume. This costume had the honor oft distinguishing itself with, and introducing, the Spider-Hoodie! The hoodie has the distinction of being wholly different from other Spider-Man costumes yet screamed simplicity. Marvel has made some changes to the color scheme and a few other things but it’s clear as day that this is in fact inspired by the adventures of Ben Reilly! (Peter’s clone).

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Check out more reaction in my video below.


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