This New Nocturnal Animals Trailer Is Even Better

Amy Adams movies will be taking over November, as the talented actress has multiple great movies coming soon. From her role as Lois Lane in the Justice League, to her new movie helmed by Tom Ford, Amy Adams is set to hit big at the Hollywood bank.

When I first heard of a movie titled, Nocturnal Animals I thought it sounded stupid or boring, but after actually watching the new trailer, and realizing the movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as well as Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor Johnson, I knew this movie would be interesting.

Watch the new Nocturnal Animals trailer below, and try to contain your pondering mind:

So yeah, I cannot wait to see how evil each of these characters (including Amy Adams) may be, as it looks like this movie will be full of twists and turns, similar to those of Gone Girl or Prisoners.

Since this movie is made by the same people behind, Prisoners, I’m quite certain this movie will earn it’s R rating.

Tom Ford (yes the fashion designer) is the director behind this book to film adaption, so it will be very interesting to see just how well and creative the world renown fashion designer and Oscar nominated director can be.

See Nocturnal Animals in theaters Novemeber 23rd.

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